Blogging really helps me a lot and pretty useful.

29 Jul

The things that i love about blogging, it makes my relationship with my family and friends really close. I am studying abroad at Queensland University Technology, my family is now in Brunei Darussalam, a country rich in oil and gas I reckon. They would have concerned about what life i have been through here in Brisbane Australia. Almost everyday, My mom kept on asking me what i was doing? have i eaten? With whom i hang out with? and all sort things. On the other hand, my friends have different cases. They asked me what have i learned so far, what things i bought, have i been to somewhere else other than Brisbane. Its about 30 texts i received per week…lol.. One of the students here somewhat said about Blogging, I didnt know what was that!! Then he introduced me so much things and stuffs we can include in the blog content. AWESOME!!!… Then i started registering the blog at The first blog i have was … The contents covered so much about my daily routine, my journey of life in Brisbane, things that interest me, travelling, my friends photos and so on. In simple words, my personal blog. I started in 2008.  Through this blog, i learnt alot about blogging and i have received some feedbacks from anynomous people and friends how improvement can be done with regards to placement of assets in the blog post such as video, picture, text and so on.

From this blog, my family and friends could easily looked up what i have been up to, see all my updated photos and leave a message when they wish to. This new technology (Web 2.0 blogging) helps my relationship with my family and friends to keep in touch with each other . Its pretty useful though..

The next blog i have In this blog, it helps me to develop a folio for my animation skill. I was doing “Animation and Motion Graphic” at QUT. I thought it was a good idea to display my work publicly and show what i have learnt through blogging. I have provided some tips of how to create animation in some blog post. It will teach all the viewers how to animate stuffs and to give some inspiration through the design works i have published. In the future, this blog might be useful for showing some skills i gained from my experienced as animator to interviewer.

Really love blogging so much…


One Response to “Blogging really helps me a lot and pretty useful.”

  1. Jason Watson August 11, 2009 at 11:10 pm #

    Hi Sam

    Really pleased to see the enthusiasm. Blogging is a great way to share.

    ~ Jason

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