Build Community Online and Having Personal Branding

29 Jul

I really amazed about some bloggers have successfully build a community with large networks through online and blogging can be consider as part of their career. Look at the blog,You all have to see how this lady(Filipino) from Toronto have made blogging as part of her daily routine. She is an Enterprise social computing consultant at IBM. She helps Companies to use web 2.0 to help people improve their productivity and to collaborate more effectively. She wanted to help anyone to develop his/her passion, skills and network through blogging. She said blogging can help us to grow our networks. Through blogging ,she could find job, get promoted and getting clients easily. All we have to do is blogging.

The way she build her community was by keeping in touch with her friends lists from most of the known social networking platform such as twitter, yahoo messenger, Contact from facebook as well as exchanging information and contacts with other bloggers through her blog I read one of her post: whenever she travelled to any country, before she departed, first of all she will collates all her friends list any social networking websites e.g When she goes to Malaysia, she will try to find any chatters and friends lists who stayed in Malaysia and she will contact them see if they want to meet her while she is in Malaysia. This made her network increases from time to time as she met friends in any part of the world through her blog.  She linked all her social networking websites as shortcut at the sidebar of her blog so that easy for her to manage them.

Sacha chua blogs regularly and writes about sort of activities daily. Other than providing help for enterprise 2.0 and She provides some tips in the contents of how to do stuff in the field such as Cooking, presentation skill, communication skill and etc…

Other than web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0, he also provides helps to people about cooking, presentation and communication skill, Generation Y, books and etc… She is awesome!

Another blog called “rock the job” helps students t0 understand the impact of social media on their careers. For those who are not familiar with the words “social media” here, it refers to as social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter. The blog shows some videos of “how to” get benefits from blogging.  In other words, Facebook, blogging and Twitter can help us  for getting new career or even to become a celebrity! Isn’t that amazing!… Some tips they talked about in the video was about how to build a name or having our personal branding through the internet. This can be achieved by signing up and registering our name in as many social networking sites available in internet, if possible with our name as a username..Then try to search our names through search engine. See how many of your names appear???  If you have build a personal branding, I am interested to view it… Just drop your name and your blog url in comment..

4 Responses to “Build Community Online and Having Personal Branding”

  1. Sacha Chua July 30, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog! Thanks for sharing it with your readers too.

    • samloveenterprise July 30, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

      Thank you Sacha Chua… It is really a great honour having you commenting into my blog… I am really interesting in most of your topics about web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0… I love your personal strategies you made to build online community to increase networks… I will always be reading your articles from time to time… Btw My name is Sam… I am University student from Queensland University Of Technology, Brisbane Australia doing research in this field.. You are the one who motivate me to become web consultant by blogging and do social Networking.. Im interest in knowing you… Im just wondering how many jobs do u have in a day? I wish i could go to your place and meet u up…

  2. Jason Watson August 11, 2009 at 11:15 pm #

    Hi Sam,

    Great to see you’re getting external participation! It looks like Sacha is very keen on ROI so it doesn’t surprise me that she levers off her social networks when traveling overseas. Its a great idea… will seek to adopt that strategy myself. Lets hope she comes to Australia 🙂

    ~ Jason

    • samloveenterprise August 15, 2009 at 2:18 am #

      I wish Sacha coming to AUstralia…Hope i can learn more about becoming web consultant and beocme professional in Enterprise… want to build community just like her.. Sacha has become my idole now… 🙂

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