Why do people blog? Benefit?

31 Jul

Most people i asked about blogging, some of them are not familiar about it. Some of them replied me “Is it a website? or “Ohh i dont know how to write HTML code.. sory dude” or “How long does it takes you to build a blog”.. Okay let me explain to you all in my own words.. We dont need to know about HTML, we dont need to build a website and it also takes less than 5 minutes to have a blog… WOW!!! isn’t it… Blog is a platform that represents attitude or professionalism or Organisations or social interaction and Communication… Blog is also :

  • a Web log
  • Expression – we can express our feeling through blog..
  • Link to external sites – This will helps us to widen our networks by communicating between our blog to another.
  • Tell stories – usually about a specific topic or subjects
  • Getting feedback about what we write from blog subsciber or even anynomous…
  • Helps us to gain more knowledge about our interest

Therefore this will make all of us to become a writer or publisher… Isnt that amazing!! . Blog is beneficial to most bloggers… I used blog for:

  •  writing to think, to record and store for retrieval
  • writing to share about something.
  • building relationship..
  • Increase network
  • Building reputation
  • self expression
  • for resume… (More about this later shortly)

If you are a blogger, if you like to share about what u think about blogging… Send me comments about it… I will love to hear them and share it with readers…


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