Facebook cause workers in trouble?

3 Aug

I just woke up this morning and read one article about how Facebook has become vulnerable in the workplace. It is the fact that most organization now have made Facebook as a platform for searching interviewees profile before they will be getting jobs.. Supervisors/ Officers would be easily get what sorts of habits, attitudes, personalities of their staffs but in my point of views, they shouldn’t be judging other personal’s life by looking at their pictures having a party with friends… but whats the problem man…Because each individual has their own lifes.. One thing as part of my life principle, “Our life is not only devoted for working but perhaps our social lifes should be there to become more productive, avoiding stress which will affect our works”.. Perhaps majority of employees now having facebook or twitters or any other social networking… they most probably upload all their personal pictures and communicate with friends, talk about an event or pictures which have been uploaded recently or in general, just talk about anything without barriers… thats what Facebook is all about…Make people stay close together…

Some bad cases happened

a friend of mine worked in one organisation, he used to be a productive worker in that firm. One day his supervisor was looking through facebook.. maybe looking for some pictures and all of the sudden, he came across a picture of my friend and his group of friends drinking beer all night…They look drunk in that picture…

Guess what officer did? He gave a resignation letter to my friend and said “Hey this is your last day working here..”… What the hell??? That was horrible thing happened to him… Just through couple of picture make someone looks like criminal or who might be doing something bad in their organisation?? that was insane!!


Just face the fact

So Organisation or Company should accept this matter that Facebook is a platform for informal communications between group of people… Therefore it is not appropriate judging somebody’s life through Facebook… Well, you can see what they are doing and what they have been up to during the weekend but don’t fire them off just by looking at couple of pictures which they might be looking bad… Be reasonable!! Dont you guys think so?

One Response to “Facebook cause workers in trouble?”

  1. Jason Watson August 11, 2009 at 11:18 pm #

    Hi Sam,

    Interesting case with your friend. It looks to me as though we do have to accept that many of our actions that used to be invisible are now visible. That said, you would hope that companies would moderate their perspectives.

    ~ Jason

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