Wiki becomes university platform for Documentation

4 Aug

Today i was researching about some assets for my multimedia project then i was typing “wiki” on the address bar. i was using QUT server anyway. I was expecting a wikipedia home page to appear but what it shows was “”. I browse the page to know what it is.. I realised that QUT has setup its own wiki. Most of the QUT members and staffs have been using this wiki for making documentation and exchanging information within a group of people. This shows how the university become transparent in information. What i mean here is i am from Faculty of IT but in the wiki, some documentation from other faculty such as faculty of Law is shown…

wiki wiki2
Therefore the used of wikis have influenced organisations especially in the workplace and now being used for academic purposes. People no longer dependent on blog and email but have wiki as a platform which provide more simplicity and saving a lot of time for doing works especially editing documents. Thanx to Wiki


One Response to “Wiki becomes university platform for Documentation”

  1. Jason Watson August 11, 2009 at 11:22 pm #

    Hi Sam,

    Yes, we’ve been using the wiki for a while. QUT does restrict access though… hence my decision to use MediaWiki for It is a slow transition though… as most people still prefer email as that is where they still need to be

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