What makes a good blog post? Future blogging? Share your thought

5 Aug

It would be interesting to know what each bloggers thought about blogging.. People who are not yet become ablogger might want to know your insight in blogging. This blog post would probably beneficial for them to start and create one… So let me give you some idea what we should discuss here:

– “What did you post everyday”

– “What your blog is all about”.

– “What specific topic you normally discuss”.

– “How would you attract some external bloggers to come and view you blog”?

– “In your own perpective, what makes a good blog post”?

Share your opinion how blog helped and useful to you?


My Opinion

Okay.. Let me start..

I have 3 actives blogs and 1 new one i created this morning. That is:



the third one is this blog samloveenterprise.wordpress.com

New one http://student.ci.qut.edu.au/n6192432

 You know why i got heaps of blogs on my hand… That is because i used them for different purposes.. Samthesalsa is my personal blog, samloveanimation is my animation blog showing all my animation video to public and friends, samloveenteprise is for enterprise 2.0 and last but not least is my new blog for my design blog showing different artworks but i just started…so it only contains a few blog post at the moment…

If you guys realized, two of my blogs had been created by using blogger.com and 2 blogs using wordpress… In my opinion, i really like wordpress than blogger because there are more options to choose from for setting and we can make our blog consist of number of pages.. I dont know whether blogger can do that? I have been searching for it but i couldn’t find it… Does anyone know? but i love wordpress still… lol..

Blog helped me to express my feeling when i got stress…Blog allow me talk to strangers or outsiders out there who make some comments on a particular blog post… indirectly they can be my social networking friends over the internet… Sometimes im bit lazy to remember things… so i wrote it in my blog so i can refer to it again later… Love it!!!..

What Makes A Good Blog Post?

In my perspective, a good blog post must gives us some knowledge or benefiits to us, of which i can learn from it. The post will help me to do works more effectively.. Introduce new ideas and he/she shares some good stuffs.. i mean something we can download from… for instance a blog provides some video tutorials about something…is that great? .

Some of the best blog i always referred to is :

Ranoadidas – Brunei no 1 social networking site..

This is my favourite blog.. You know y? Because i am from Brunei Darussalam but currently i am staying in  Australia. So this blog gave so much information for me to update the latest news what have or going to happen in Brunei… like events or some changes  in Brunei…  Almost all Bruneians are familiar with Ranoadidas. Awesome!!

Future blogging?

I probably predict blogging will be become a standard interface for all as it helps social networking, marketing, involve in affliate program, platform that makes money and will be more advanced feature and function… Maybe in life video streaming in real time environment…. where people commenting on blogs can communicate directly via blog…who knows right???

Take a look at what this guy steve interpret and predict whats his opinion about whats coming up soon…click here Refer to his fantastic map…. Awesome!!

2 Responses to “What makes a good blog post? Future blogging? Share your thought”

  1. Jason Watson August 11, 2009 at 11:31 pm #

    Hi Sam,

    Nice post. Thanks for the mind map link – will almost certainly use in class! I think the future will also rely heavily on mashups where activities like blogging and microblogging are seen side by side with data. It’s going to be exciting to find out…

    ~ Jason

    ~ Jason

    • samloveenterprise August 15, 2009 at 2:15 am #

      Yeah the mind map gives me the idea of what future blogging will be and i think the mind map will be good to be updated from time to time… We can actually edit the mashup..i find its really cool!.. Its good if it will be used in class…

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