How Web 2.0 assists our personal productivity

6 Aug

Web 2.0 tools help people collaborate,communicate, and save time—and the good news is most are free.  Here i got some resources to show how we can improve our personal productivity.  Karen Greenwood Henke has a great tips about it this… Fantastic!… read them for more information…How ever i will summaries them up in my own words.and from my experienced using some of the web 2.0 tools mentioned below…

Use RSS for News updates

Now Its easy to get updates with news from any website you always read from..Every browser now has feeds that you can easily subscribe. Its easy to do.. First you open any website that contains the news you always read…You can see RSS subscribe button somewhere on the page.. Click on that.. Then it will be stored in your feed directly. The website will automatically send to you feed any updates they have.. Isn’t that easy??? Yess it is… 🙂 .. You can just check your feed and u dont have to open the website anymore…

Use WIKI and Google Doc for sharing your document

Google DOC and WIKI are web based documents thats allows us to share the same document to multiple number of users to enable them to update from anywhere and anytime…Google DOC ranged from words document, spreadsheet and presentation slides.. Wiki is a great collaboration tools for group works that entice more participations between team members.  Since  all tasks will be done online, you no longer need to keep you files in home PC/laptop /storage devices…We just need internet access to open our document…

Use BLOG to start dialogue with your community

Blog is similar to website which allows us to put all our contents and information online which publish in a very easy way than website.. It allows participants to enter comments on each post  and enable us to provide platform for public dialogue or closed discussion for a small group of professionals working together..

Use Delicious for BookMarking

I have experienced using Delicious before.. What it does is Delicious allows us to tag any website to bookmark them for our future reference… This will be useful for the purpose of searching any content/information faster especially for researcher who always dealing with search engine to find resources. It allows multiple users to tag and the tag can be categorised and organised easily through  Delicious…

No more Computer desktop

As we combine all the above web 2.o tools, we are no longer need computer desktop that stays in the office and we can portably work from anywhere with our laptop.. All we need is just organised all these tools by signing Google, Yahoo or AOL to create our personalised desktop with access to all of the other tools such as email, alerts an RSS aggregator, documents and more…


2 Responses to “How Web 2.0 assists our personal productivity”

  1. Jason Watson August 11, 2009 at 11:33 pm #

    these are great tips.. but are these your personal views or do you have a source for us to follow up? (not clear to me)

    • samloveenterprise August 12, 2009 at 1:50 pm #

      Oh yeah…sorry about that… I forgot to provide link for this resources.. I thought i did… Yeah i got from Karen’s blog I really love her ideas and i think it would be better i share these tips with my reader.. Its pretty helpful!

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