Best Practices for Businesses on Twitter

8 Aug

Twitter is a powerful program which allow us to share information to the world in every second. But how we can use them for businesses.. Twitter or also called as Macro Blogging useful for company success. It becomes a communication platform between company, customer, vendor and those who are interested about the company. It is more quickly to share information. As individual who work in a particular organisation/company, they can use twitter to tell stories about their company how great, dissappointing  with their business.

Twitter allows us connects to customer in real time environment and possibly they would inform about how good or bad our product. Therefore we will get feedback faster and we can provide immediate respond right away or use for future planning. We also can inform any updates that our company has made e.g if  you are working in shopping centre, you can update to people there will be great party or event coming up. In this way people will be inform directly and most people would probably interested in this information and come to your shopping centre. Easy right!! Twitter could be one way will help our business to excel…

How twitter works?

Anyone /company don’t know how to use Twitter, i have provide a video explaination what Twitter is and how it works here (This video take from commoncraft:

Best practices for business on Twitter:

(taken from Twitter101):

Think about Twitter as a place to build relationships:

1. Include in your Bio and/or custom background the names (or @usernames) of the people twittering from your company account. It’s also a good idea to include additional contact info, like email addresses.

2. Listen regularly for comments about your company,   brand and products—and be prepared to address concerns, offer customer service or thank people for praise.

4. Use a casual, friendly tone in your messages.

5. While you shouldn’t feel compelled to follow everyone who follows you, do respond to some questions or comments addressed to you.

6. If you like a particular message, retweet it. People often appreciate the sharing and amplification of their ideas, so look to retweet cool stuff.

7. Post links to articles and sites you think folks would find interesting—even if they’re not your sites or about your company.

8. Make sure your tweets provide some real value. You know better than we do what is valuable, but here are few examples to spark ideas:

  • Offer Twitter exclusive coupons or deals
  • Take people behind the scenes of your company
  • Post pictures from your offices, stores, warehouses, etc.
  • Share sneak peeks of projects or events in development

9. Don’t spam people. Twitter’s following model means that you have to respect the interests and desires of other people here or they’ll unfollow you. The most common way to run afoul of that understanding—and to thus look like a spammer—is to send unsolicited @messages or DMs, particularly when you include a promotional link.

10. Of course, if you run an account that focuses explicitly on sharing exclusive coupon codes or sale information, you’re probably just fine posting promos. But tread carefully, and consider explaining in your bio or background how the account work.

So hope you will practice these tips for setting up twitter which might help for your business… Goodluck guys…


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