Companies using Twitter

9 Aug

Here i provide some links to companies. These companies have been using Twitter for sharing information. You can join and follow them in twitter.

(Taken from FluentSimplicity blog):

BBC (Off-site List)
NY Times (The NYT also offers other sections in twitter)
WHP (CBS-affiliate)
Wired News
Conde Nast Portfolio
Times OnLine
CBC News
Orlando Sentinel

Oh wow! its quite interesting to know about most of the media listed I know above like CNN, BBC and  Times are having Twitter…  But in fact, these companies should need one coz this will help them to source out any information in real time and public will be aware with the news faster. Everyone can be followers e.g CNN has 2,756,931 followers. Each twit contains links to CNN articles related to the twit post info.. Followers can click the link to read more on each twit post…Below I provide a print screen of an example how they used microblogging as platform for daily news…

Carnival Cruise Lines
Southwest Airlines
Mahalo Travel

Now some travel agency has used microblogging to provide information about travel time, baggage condition info and allows users to ask them if there are enquiries about anything before the departure… This can be useful for people to check if there are any changes to the travelling time in real time… I have opened jetBlue Airways twitter, one of the travel agency I have used before.. From the right sidebar, it says “Follow us and let us help! – Currently on duty: Gigi, Lindsey, Laurie, Morgan, and John”… Other than providing help for travelling info, they twit post an exclusive offers of cheap sale ticket to many places.. In this way, they can attract more people to use their travelling agency.

Dell Outler
Direct2Dell (China):
Studio Dell
Apple: (Questionable) Deals:
Zappos (Questionable)

Business, Business, Business!!! Yes… This is actually a good idea for retailers to use microblogging to boost up their marketing strategies.. Like, other than twitting about their products, they have some competition having prize to be won… In my opinion it is part of their strategies for more users to twit with them instead of showing some offers/discount about a certain products. so they make their twits open for customers to follows them but I feel curious why apple twitter has protected their tweet.. I couldn’t even see any info on their twit page.

Professional Services
Deacons (*** A Law Firm!)


Career Development Office, McGill University
Norwich University

Ford ***Questionable

Franklin, MA PD (Needs more updates)
Austin, TX PD (Why lock updates?)


Food/Specialty Products

Henry Rollins
Matthew Modine

Some other companies  for instance under professional services such as Deacon which is law firm, which shows legislation for [Australian] National Model OHS Laws,has now started using Microblogging to update any updated legislation info for australian… Under Saas,Mzinga used Microblogging to help enterprises join in conversation with people interested in their products and services. SOme university such as Norwich university used Twitter to provide any education infos… FOrd car company used twitter for ford customer service updates.. Some government now starts using twitter such as LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) now used Twitter to provide some news for the purpose of protecting the City of Los Angeles and to report an emergency. SOme social blogs now used Twitter  such us Techmeme, the web’s technology news site of record, to provide the hottest tech stories from all around the web on a single page. Food companies such as MNM (chocolate candy) use twitter for getting customer feedback and build more friendly environment with their customer… Authors/artist/musicians also can used twitter to get feedback about the book they have publish and they can ideas from other twitter users as well… Amazing! You can refer to How Matthew Modine use Twitter for this purposes..

2 Responses to “Companies using Twitter”

  1. Jason Watson August 11, 2009 at 11:41 pm #

    great resource… perhaps you should make this as a separate page and keep updating it?

    • samloveenterprise August 12, 2009 at 1:54 pm #

      Yeah thank you for your suggestion… I will make it into separate page..It will be interesting to update this from time to time…do u mean make each subheadings into separate page?

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