Twitter used for academic purposes and enhance personal branding

9 Aug

This topic tells us how Twitter can be useful to enhance our personal branding over the internet and for academic purposes.

Twitter develop Personal Branding

To achieve and develop our name over the internet so that it is highly well known by the online community, one should have personal brand. For instance, I am as a web consultant helps organisation to set up web 2.0 tools to develop Enterprise 2.0. So i must build a name online to be recognised by company so that companies would access my blog to find any information they want. But how? So I have registered in and join many social networking platform to show links to my blog.. this includes Twitter,Facebook and so on. I used twitter as my daily routine… After i wrote something on my blog i will then go to Twitter to tell the community that i have post a specific topic on my blog post by providing URL address. From here, i will increase my network not only from other bloggers, blog readers but also from Twitter. In Twitter i have followed many communities specializes in Enterprise 2.0. Therefore when i send something such as my blog  post with Url in Twitter, all these communities will receive this link and when they click on my message, it will be directed to my blog. This attracts people to look at what i write. So Twitter help me much to upgrade my personal branding over the internet.

From youtube i found this guy “alaisterlow” talk about how do we brand ourself on twitter:

Twitter in class

In general, students and teachers can use Twitter for many purposes. I suggest teachers should make a twitter community for instance “ST George School primary 5” community. Teachers then introduce this link and inform about the purpose of having Twitter  to the class. In my point of views, Teachers and students can communicate more effectively by Twitter. They can discuss about the topic they have studied out of class and allow students to interact immediately to their teacher if they dont understand anything in class. So this will develop close relationships between students -students and teacher-students… Sometimes email will take longer for people to reply any incoming message but Twitter happen in real time.. It similar to Msn messenger but twitter only contains 140 characters… So its better to utilise the technology we have to improve ways of livings. Check out this youtube video by UniversityofMinn, where some university uses twitter in class and out of class to allow engagements and participations among students:


3 Responses to “Twitter used for academic purposes and enhance personal branding”

  1. Marie Markoba August 9, 2009 at 5:39 am #

    Hye im Marie markoba from Switzerland… Thank you for you video.. I am a English teacher. I was browsing web for twitter but i came across to your blog… I am looking forward for having Twitter in my class soon… Thank you for your information

    • samloveenterprise August 9, 2009 at 5:44 am #

      Thanx for replying.. That was so fast… I was blogging couple minutes ago..hehe,. yeah i like this idea from the video where university now utilised Twitter in class.. Make used this technology platform to improve method of study… Goodluck Marie… Any question, you are free to ask me via this blog.. tag me.. Thank you.

  2. nadishasigera September 19, 2009 at 12:29 am #

    Hi Sam
    Thanks a lot for sharing your post in my blog…. This is really interesting how microblogging can be used in the class….
    Keep it up.

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