Free Guide to implement Enterprise 2.0: SLATES = FLATNESSEShtt

23 Aug

Hey good day mate, i found one link introduced by my lecturer Jason watson… About SLATES paradigm or SLATES model introduced by Andrew MCAFEE, what he referred to a guide or ingredient in implementing Enterprise 2.0 at workplace..When you refer to my blog post “Companies implementing Enterprise 2.0“, i discuss more about SLATES and provide a case study of certain companies following SLATES model as their checklist for building Enterprise 2.0 to be used in the workplace. Just to recap SLATES model below taken from Dion Hinchcliffe blog:

stateofenterprise2-p1Dion Hinchcliffe has add up four more additional aspect which is social, emergent, freeform and networked oriented.. As a combination to the SLATES models, it develops a new refined conception of Enterprise 2.0.. which is :


The discussion in my previous blog post Companies implementing Enterprise 2.0, discuss three companies which has move to Enterprise 2.0. Look at some example at NASA Blogsite


.Nasa has been using wiki to collaborate with team members and upload stuffs and projects to manage them easily.. You can click here to look at their WIKI… I have been browsing through some the Nasa project info and one of their homework are training for Web 2.0? i guess Nasa provide training for their staffs to gain knowledge on Web 2.0 tool to be successfully use it in their workplace.



As the Enterprise 2.0 introduced in Nasa is having a social networking platform within the organisation and also external participation for other external user to comments on what they wrote on the blog… Therefore information becomes transparent e.g the wiki allows public to see what project they have been doing.. So they have managed to use these emergent software tools for team coordination and provide more freeform tools other than blog and WIKI such as Facebook, Twitter, itunes, etc.. So all these application tools is Network oriented, a web based tool which can be accessed through internet easily…



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  1. samloveenterprise August 24, 2009 at 4:00 pm #

    Thank you for linking and reading my blog post.. FLATNESSES for me is a complete full sets of ingredients for a company to set up Enterprise 2.0… SLATES is just sort of checklist for an Enterprise 2.0 to cover all basic elements required to set up and make the platform works using some of Web 2.0 technologies… My favourite idea is Openness as well because the recent web 2.0 technology allows more transparencies between the company issues and consumer feedback which company to go forward, produce products according to the user needs… Dion Hinchcliffe is genious!


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    […] the main pittfall of this company is that they have not yet realized how important the FLATNESSES (please find here a good description of one of my student colleagues). And that is where my passion from a business point of view is. My favourite idea is openess and […]

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