Introducing Telligent software as Enterprise 2.0 Online Community for Business

9 Sep

Hi guys, here i would like to share and introduce you a new collaboration software which can be used in any organisations to produce Enterprise 2.0 online community. Telligent has produced 3 different online software programs : Telligent Community, Telligent Enterprise and Telligent Analytics

From the information i read through their website

Telligent Enterprise is collaboration application which allows integrations with standard applications such as email, Microsoft Office SharePint Server which will extend and leverage off organisations’s existing technology… Telligent Community is one which enables conversation between company/organisation and their customer and receive feedback about their products through blogging, forums, groups, ratings and work together for ongoing community engagement as well as providing customer support; Telligent Analytics helps the company maps the connections within its community, with high quality consumer intelligence, content flow and etc.

There are some videos demo you can watch from  Telligent website. As i watch the video, other than blogs and forums, WIKIS also been integrated into Telligent which allow employees and staff to work with documentation.. Check it out. Pretty useful i guess!

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