Web 2.0 tools for business

9 Sep

Today I was having a presentation for my Alternate Reality Game that i have developed.. The audience kinda like my project.. Yeah then i went back home…I felt  a bit bored so i guess its better to search something useful which might help for business.. I was researching more web 2.0 tools and application to be used for business. Then i found one website which is Beginner guides to web 2.0 tools for Business. I want to share it with you.

There are 5 sections included in this website Finance, Forecasting/isk Assessment or R&D, Human Resouces, Marketing Communications, Project teams and Sales… I think all these are common core that make up a business process within organisations… He provided and suggested some Web2.0 tools for each section…All of these tools are for collaboration for doing business, how the team would interact with each other, Doing task efficiently, powerful for more participations, help to manage the business activities with these web 2.0 tools…Out of all, I have used Google Docs and Spreadsheets for doing my business proposal.. Its wasy really to use with my team mate…First I make a new page and invited all my team mate to share this document to allow them to edit and save it …  I thought this is the only web 2.0 tools before I access the website I introduce to you here but then  i access to “Zoho Sheet” page. From the homepage, it says “Create, Share and Collaborate”… I signup just to see what it can do… It is actually similar to Google Doc but for spreadsheet  only(excel) but in my own perspective for those working on excel, Zoho is consider a good web 2.0 application since it gives more functions for adding any components you need in your spreadsheet. Try them up.. it has a built in application for building mashup… Cool!…It also allow multiple user to edit and save the same documents..

Then under the project team heading, i opened IBM Lotus Connections to look what IBM has been doing towards upgrading the company for web 2.0 technology…From their page it says “IBM Lotus is social computing software for business that empowers  you to be more innovative”.. I was just wandering if we are using their new product needs installation?? hmm… Then I found somewhere in their website (forgot to copy the link), it says “No installation”.. Interesting right! Before I’ve been introduced with web 2.0 technology, any software required installation but now the technolgy has changed alot. Most works can be done through online…One benefit I can see through this concept, We can actually do works from anywhere and the documents become portable… We no longer need usb drive to save our files… But I can think of risk of web 2.0.. What if the host server of that particular web 2.0  site shutting down? Our files will be lost.. I guess the solution for this is we can have our own server so that we dont have to worry about the risk…Further information about IBM Lotus Connection, there have built-in blogs to present ideas/get feedback through commenting and wikis to create web content together…and other functionality such as “social” to stay in touch with the social network… “Communities” to work with people to share common interest…”File” allow sharing documents and media file such as image  among the online communities.. IBM is marvellous… Can combine all these tools which I consider good for making business with people…

So I recommend if you have business and wanted to move towards web 2.0 technology, explore each of the tools provide in this website Beginner guides to web 2.0 tools for Business

I guess it will help you with the activities for Finance, marketing, HR, Sale and team management… Goodluck!

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