Google Doc makes my life easy

26 Sep

Hi guys, now its been my busy week. Just Imagine how all my assessments items squeeze due onto the same week.. Most of works relies on group works and team management…So I have to organised every document in a single location? One problem I always have was I kept on forgetting to carry my hard drive and have to go back and forth my house and Uni to take it.. But One tool that helps me.. You know what? Yes! its Google DOC... I upload all my documents there and I dont need to worry about my storage drive anymore… Sooo Sooo Easy…. So I can edit the document from anywhere… I even dis my works while i was in the restaurant, internet cafe and anywhere that has internet access… I make folders for each of my course units and add documents into it… Similar way how you add your file into folder in your storage drive…

I also can share the document that I have created among all my team members to enable them to edit and save it… When you open the Google Docc, at the top right hand corner of the toolbar, you can see the word “Share” then expand it… Click on invite…. Then you can add as many email address as you wish to allow them to access the same documents that you are working on…This is a good application for collaboration between team members in doing project documentation… The last one who updated the document, the username will be shown at the top at a stated time.. Easy right?Look at the sample below how I categories my folder in..You can look at column Folder/Sharing… e.g Jeff to 5 collaborator means Jeff had invited me to share his document with 5 more users to enable us to edit and save…


Try them up! We don’t need to install it as this is one of web 2.0 Technology.. The best thing is it is free…


4 Responses to “Google Doc makes my life easy”

  1. Jeffrey October 23, 2009 at 11:40 am #


    I can see that you use Google Docs quite often, but how about another Google Docs-like tool, Buzzword which you suggested to me before?

    I agree with that Buzzword provides better capability at finalizing the documentations as it offeres a PDF editing environment as well as full controls over paragraph formats, images..etc.



  2. Sam October 23, 2009 at 11:57 am #

    Hey Jeff, yeah i actually have a blog post talking about buzzword just after this post…

    I am truly agree with u buzzword is better than google as it is more orgranised in term of its format and it allows us to comment on each paragraph within the report… Awesome.

    Thank you for your comment

  3. Jeffrey October 23, 2009 at 12:14 pm #

    oh cool, so you’ve had a post for Buzzword already, I will go and read, thx.

    Yea I forgot to mention, the “side-comment” feature was very useful!



  4. Faizuddin Harliansyah November 1, 2009 at 8:48 am #

    Hi Sam,

    I think that Google Docs still need to improve its performance by various features. However, the challenge for Google Docs in providing new features is to ensure that the new features should be ‘bandwidth friendly’ that can still be accessed throughout the world, particularly in developing countries that still have inadequate internet infrastructure. Other challenge is concerning privacy and data security issues. It has ever reported that unintended access to private document has ever occurred (as reported by AFP, 2009).


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