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1 Oct

A couple days ago, I was researching about library 2.0 for my business proposal report… Search…search and search until i came across to one the website which thrilled me alot… You know… Building our own social networks web site.. I dont mean Facebook or Twitter but i become the owner of that particular social network… let say if I am the owner of Facebook… This is the same concept… Isnt that awesome.. is the web page that I salute…I have registered with it… I named it as BRUSOME… Why BRUSOME? Ok fyi i am from Brunei so i abbreviate it as BRU and as i am currently studying in Australia… australian always used common word AWESOME…. so i shorten the word into SOME…Then combined them as BRUSOME…haha…If you signup and it is actually easy to set up the page… It has most of the functionality that Facebook has such as the update of peoples comments, it allows us to embed Photos, videos, applications and we can even customised it with the design page we like… After all page setup has been done, then organised the tool bar and upload all the media that we want to include… In my case, I add my favourite videos on the youtube, my photos, music and applications… It looks like a blog with sidebars…  but its different..I become the administrator for this social network…I can change the design page the way I like..I can add more pages on the toolbar if i wish… BRUSOME displays not only blog post but also all the activities happening in members profile page included all comments, adding events and forums.. The most interesting part of Ning is it allows most of web 2.0 tools and applications to be organised in one single platform(i.e Ning).look at the sample page of BRUSOME that I have created…and look at the toolbar at the top, we can make any page easily


Actually the first planned I had was to make BRUSOME as my profile page… Then I have this notion that instead of making the profile page of myself… This is the opportunity for me to enhance my personal branding using Ning coz it allows other user/friends/family to signup to my networks… I remember the first name I had was “Sam Online Network”.. hehe… After BRUSOME setup has been finalised Then the next step is how to attract other users including friends/Families/public users to make used of this website as a new social network…


There are many issues raised in my head for having people to accept Brusome… Mmmmm how? Not many people can accept any fresh social network with no one appears in the members list…. The first stategies I have was… a bit…I create a dummy profile using my brothers picture…Then i create some fake comments between my profile and my brothers profile just to fill in the comment page so that the next member signing up to my BRUSOME will see whats happening in there…  Then I informed all my siblings to signup…Ok so thats 3 members already.. Then I suggest my team mates to make used of BRUSOME for discussion doing our library 2.0 proposal… I think this is a good Idea to increase our collaboration tools.. It WORKS!!!!… We communicate well in here because if any member writing comments in our group page, all members in that group with receive via email with the name marked “BRUSOME”.. just like emailing someone… Very very easy….So I will have more strategies coming up to promote people using BRUSOME…. Some of the members signup now really like BRUSOME… They upload their photos up for public viewers…

If you want to explore about Ning… You can signup to my page here and be part of my community online….


3 Responses to “BRUSOME, my own social networks with”

  1. nadishasigera October 6, 2009 at 3:18 pm #

    Hi Sam

    Good post and really interesting. Actually I agree with the point where it treats us well in group collaboration. And it is easy to use. After you came up with this idea I was so curious and I wanted to try the same thing, so I created my own network called “We Fans”. Its really cool but as u have mentioned the biggest issue is attracting the audience, because most people hesitate to join a new network as far as they already use most popular networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

    The most interesting point is Ning provides so many services to the users with collaboration of third parties such as wordpress, twitter and so many online games. These services can be added to the network according to the administrator’s preference.

    Thanks for informing about this tool mate

  2. samloveenterprise October 6, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

    Thanx Nadisha,,, I still feel really amazed about Brusome… And its good that u r actually try them up and create your social network “we fan”..well i am part of ur member i guess 🙂 .. .There are lots of stuffs we can integrate such as Youtube, audio, video and so on… I was just thinking if I know this Ning in the first place, I would suggest Jason to run the using this tool isnt it… For me personally, Ning provide a more close interaction between the member and provide more friendly environment…EVenthough we are no longer as a team mate after this semester, i still can contact with u using my Brusome… Its different from blog.. Ning overlaps our personal and career at the same time.. Let say I used Brusome to contact with my family and upload my favourite videos but at the same time there are some discussions happen between our team member for implementing Business proposal… Isnt that great…

    Oh yeah I want to show you what I found… Delicious library 2.0 … Refer to this link…

  3. Jeffrey October 23, 2009 at 11:36 am #

    Hi Sam, haha I knew that you would introudce this tool.

    I truely agree with you that Brusome ( is really an awsome web 2.0 tool for online collaboration as well as improving the quality and productivity of the teamwork, when used as an project management tool. It integates so many useful features that people use on Faceboo, Youtube, Flickr, Forum and Twitter (very useful).

    I’ll definitly introudce this tool to my group mates in my future project(s).



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