Docshare as document sharing application

16 Oct

Hey guys, im sorry i didnt write any blog posts for too long since i was really busy with all my works assessments…Anyway here I am with my new info… Today, i found something really good… It is called Docshare.. Anyone of u familiar with this??? I just knew it from my friend as we were doing the library proposal..  Ok it is document sharing application… It allows you to store your document online and share it to global audience… When you click on this Docshare link, you will be directed to Docshare website… You can see some thing like this:


When you look at the top, you can see they are many documents in digital forms being uploaded from many users. They actually want their documents or articles to be read by other users.. Some articles are for professionals but some documents are for entertainment such as humour, games info and so on…You can see the author recent activity on the right sidebar and DOC has provided a tutorial how we can use this Docshare… All documents can be categorised as u can see on the black toolbars in the picture such as businness and legal. ebooks, essays and Guides and instruction.. So its easy for the user to find the document just clicking in any categories the document they want to find may fall into. I have use it  to upload any of my old document so that i can easily find them in the future maybe it might be needed and Docshare is my storage location as well…Try it! it can be easily embedded onto your website as well… Really amazing tool to be explored.


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