Rich User Experiences

16 Apr

The important point about Rich user experiences is the development of a webpage in a way to facilitate the needs of the users. Before web 2.0 the websites were just a way to delivery information. Those sites didn’t allow the user to insert comments or participate in the content in any way.

A good example of this is the Wikipedia which is a website made to delivery information but at the same time allow the users to update the information displayed there. This functionality of the Wikipedia is what makes the website works in the way it does today. Without the user participation it would be technically impossible to collect the huge amount of information that the Wikipedia offer.

Another point of the pattern of this week is the merging of web application and desktop applications. This is happening I think mostly because the growing of the broadband internet and also the large amount of people using the internet. So more people using internet and in a faster speed makes the developers to think about this when develop an application.


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