About Me


Thank you for browsing through my blog. First of all i would like to introduce my self. Hi im Sam (Nick name) and im 26 yrs old. Im from Brunei Darussalam but currently im staying in Brisbane Australia to study. Im studying Bachelor of IT (major in Interactive Media) at Queensland University Of Technology. I speak malay and English is my second language. I have been sent by our Brunei government to further my study abroad and polished my skill in multimedia field. The highest qualification I have so far, i achieved Higher National Diploma in Communication and Computer System Engineering and i had been given a certificate of excellence from Institute Technology Brunei (now is known as University Brunei Darussalam). After graduating from this institute, i worked with DataStream Technology (DST) one of the large organisations in Brunei Darussalam with a position executive assistant in switching Network. This firm is a network provider for mobile communications in Brunei Darussalam.

I got lots of experienced in doing project includes making and publishing IT books for primary school students. I got skill and ability to use variety of application softwares such as adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator to create art work, Adobe after effect for animation and video editing, adobe photoshop, pageMaker and alot more. Therefore I am specialises in making animation, web design, art work, Flash developer and IT skills like databases and programming.

Currently im studying Enterprise 2.0 and the reason is that i want to explore a new skill dealing with social networking.


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