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Blogging Experience and Assessment 1: (Dedicated to Jason Watson)

23 Aug

Blogging Experience and assessment 1

Hi Jason,  in my opinion its really a good experienced blogging stuffs up to my blogsite for displaying many kind of information/knowledge i gain from Enterprise 2.0 unit and would benefits public readers reading my blog post. I got ambition to be a publisher before but i didnt have that opportunity. So through blogging i guess this is the only way i can be a writer.. write anything i want and become a platform for me to express my opinion about something either its in the form of satisfaction or dissatisfaction towards something that interest me. I love blogging but I like to blog in my own ways of finding things that interest me and write about it. For example if i found a video about Enterprise 2.0 that i think it would be nice if i show it to the reader.. then i will write a blog post about it and display that video in…If u notice in my blog, when u gave a topic for the workshop activities, i had tried to make it sounds as if the topic was made myself.. Coz my brain will not work to blog if i was thinking that blog is a “task” for me to do… I will get Mental I rather have my own topic to write on rather than a topic given by someone.. Reflection on Workshop exercises, to be honest sometimes i felt its pretty hard to understand some of the resources that u gave us to write a blog on…especially for Week 4 workshop.. for instance discussing SLATES or Flatnesses (Social, Emergent, freeform and Network Oriented).. But i had managed to blog through researched until i fully understand what the info is all about. I made used of Twitter to attract more people to my blog by displaying the URL links to my followers. As a result many Enterprise 2.0 users has following me now as i always write to Twitter until being recognised as a twitter’s user supplying information for Enterprise 2.0… Now i understand what u said about personal branding… The more we write, the more people will recognised us, indirectly our identity as Enterprise 2.0 consultant revealed… Thank you for the information Jason… It really works on me… I also have managed to attract external users and my classmates in Enterprise 2.0 to comment on a particular blog post.. But through my observation, the blog post which has large number of comments is the one which has short blog post and maybe has video..similar to…short text with videos… I received a lot of replied from external users in my blog post “Is Twitter useful or waste of time?“..I reckon if we are writing something about enterprise 2.0 in a professional way, maybe some managers or CEO would read them but not for general users… I guess so… except there are some interesting video for the reader to look at.. Not many people likes to read a whole lot of texts without demonstration/video..

Towards assessment

1. Practical ability to leverage off web 2.0 to enhance personal branding

So far i have been using Blog. Twitter and Facebook to leverage off web 2.0 to enhance personal branding..I               I have created this blog to post any information about Enterprise 2.0 and im acting as web consultant here..My     personal strategies to develop my own personal branding over the internet is by making used of Twitter and Facebook   to increase my networks in the field of Enterprise 2.0 by providing URL link of any recents blog post with a short description about that particular post….

Evidence :  Twitter profile:

On my blog side bar, You can see i have linked my Twitter to my blog so that any updated info i added up in Twitter will appear under ” Twitter” widget

2. Manner and consistency of participation in weekly workshops activities and your contribution

Since my blog only dedicated to unit Enterprise 2.o, all my blog posts are responsed to the workshop activities topics you had suggested and gave feedbacks on…  So in other words. this blog doesn’t have anything else other than Enterprise 2.0.. In addition to the workshop activities, i have managed to find some interesting topics such that i received lots of feedbacks from external users and some of my colleague in this unit… Some colleagues have made some of my blog post as a reference in their blog post… For instance my favourite blog post “Free guide to implement Enterprise 2.0” have been referred by birgithapfelmeier.  Therefore i guess i have managed to participate in weekly workshop activities.. refer to all my blogpost to view all my opinions regarding the workshop activities..

3. Ability to appraise Web2.0 strategies and solutions for organisational and personal success

I have provided random blog posts which can lead a paradigm shift of companies from Enterprise 1.o to Enterprise by supplying them with the information they need to let them think what changes should they perform to make lives easy…such as moving from email to using WIKIS… which are more  efficients in working with documents changes which involves many members working with the same documents. Other than that, I also introduced blogs, Twitter and Facebook which can be introduced to workplace… All these informations are provided in this blog…  So i have provide them many solutions to their everyday work live become easier than before with the Web 2.0 available… In shorts, this blog is meant to work for giving solution for the organisational and personal success..

I want to show you how this guy wanted to change the way how his staffs work after viewing the video that i displayed about Wikis: From email to WIKI.. Look at his comment herwe:

Wiki assists group coordination

Ability to engage successfully with the wider community (including people outside of QUT) using Web 2.0 tools and techniques

I have managed to engage to wider community online by attracting other users to comment on my blog by using the Web 2.0 tools and technique such as Twitter, Facebook and the good one is my blog… In this blog in particular, there are many external users and my colleagues in Enterprise 2.0 to comment on my blog. I have my personal strategies to attract other users to visit, read and comment on my blogs. One of my strategies was by having Twitter. Twitter, what i called it as carrot platform, helps me to promote my blog url link to my folowers. To date, i have many enterprise 2.0 personal and personnel joined and following me on Twit… I have managed to be recognised as one of the Enterprise 2.0 consultant over the internet which supply the information about the knowledge of Enterprise 2.0… I keep on checking the statistic graphs showing the number of people viewing my blog post everyday… I realised the number has increased dramatically to 20 to 30 people viewing per minute… It was a huge number… It was so amazing… As i mentioned some people did refer the information i have into their blog as reference (refer to birgithapfelmeier.. This is my first experience and im very excited about it…

Actually there are many blog posts i can show you how i have received external participation but i guess i just show you the one which received a lot blog post:

Is Twitter useful or waste of time?

Furthermore, i had commented on other users blog such as on itself such as the blogpost about the logo,  many comments on other Enterprise 2.0 colleagues as well.. but i cannot remember the links of all comments i cant show it to you.. If you are looking in each of all your students blog, you would be able to see my name there… Oh yeah I remember one of them, i commented on Ben Mc Callum..others cant remember