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Secure Identity for Bloggers

14 Sep

SamairSome people I met or some bloggers was really worried about their identity to be exposed if they are using some web 2.0 tools such as blogging… Coz what i heard it causes us a lot of troubles if our real world identity such as any bad habits we always be doing like partying and alcoholic drinking, revealed and found by our manager and there were cases they will get fired… Horrible!.. So this makes me thinking if there are ways how we could hide our identity online..I found a blog post of which i consider it is really great as it gives us good easy guides with his own case study how he would deal with a certain phenomena… The blog post was actually written by Ethan Zucker on December 2006 but he actually got the resouces from Global Voices Online….

In this blog post by Ethan Zucker, he referred a lady named Sarah who was working in government office as an accountant.. From the articles, the author mentioned about how Sarah aware of her boss who was deputy minister has take large amount of money from the government… She got intention to let other people’s know about this but she was worried she might lose her jobs if he finds she planned her strategies by make herself anynomous…  some security measures that can be done to protect  identity according to what Sarah did using some of web 2.o technologies:


She used free webmail such as hotmail, Yahoo mail and hushmail and DO NOT use any paid account for email or web hosting because the payment will link the account to paypal or credit card which could easily linked back to her. I agree with this because we have our profiles in our credit card/paypal… so this can be easily track by our boss..  Use free blog host provider such as blogger, wordpress, blogsome as well…


Use public IP address instead of IP address from office… So one way to do this is, go to internet cafe with internet connection” or anywhere that allows you to use any computer which has been used by lots of people… Then post the blog from there… Its pretty hard to track who is using the computer at a particular time since it is a public computer isn’t it… hehe.


You can used public proxies out there for free. By using public proxies, we can leave behind IP address of that particular proxy server instead of the ip address of our home computer. This will make it hard for our boss to track and find us.. Brilliant isn’t it.. haha.. From the articles, he mentioned 3 public proxy server we can used:


Rosinstrument Proxy Database

I havent use them but you can try…

If you are not sure how to change the proxy server “internet option” setup for our PC/laptop, You can read more here.


If you are a bit worried about what if the proxy administrator that you are using cannot be trusted which might reveal you identity… No worries.. You can ask help from any of your friends to  set up Circumventor in his/her system and we can use his proxy server instead of the public proxies… According to the author, Circumventors is actually one of the dozenof proxy servers a user can set up to allow people to use our computer as a proxy.


If you still worried about this, You can also installing Onion routing system which works with proxy server… read more for more explaination here

It seems all my explaination above is simple… If you’re not a technical skill person, ask for help from IT people.. Im pretty sure they know bout this… So in this way, we can easily blogs with no reveals in identity.. But however some of these method might works…and this might not be the best solution for you, please drop me a comment if you have better ways how you secure your identity on the internet…I would like to hear your comments…


Guide to Benefits of Companies using Blog?

25 Aug

Hey all i have found a link to marketing strategy: Benefits companies using Blog.. Lets we watch this slideshow together by Paul Chaney, Marketing Director of Bizzuka:

From this slideshow, i like the fact that a blog is a powerful web 2.0 tools especially when it says a blog is the search engine magnets. For instance if we have created a blog post “What is social Media”… Then we google the same topic, the google search engine should show our blog post in the list easily.. Isn’t that amazing.. a Blog can also be used to build a relationship marketing.. example between Companies, Consumer and vendor (or suppliers)…In this era of Blogging become prominent globally, it is assumed that every business should have a blog….Consumer will always be searching for the blog to have a conversation about the companies products whether its in the form of good feedbacks or complains.. One example I found a blog of one company named themselves as Alcoa recycling, this company is a recycling company which has joint venture with Novelis to procure of used aluminum beverage cans (UBCs)…These companies have formed a new independent company called Evermore . Benefits of Alcoa having a blog, it helps them to show all the informations need by the stakeholders such as consumer report, updated aluminium prices and do all business processes  as well as get some feedback from the vendor and consumers. This has compatible with the quote  saying “Market is conversation and Participation is Marketing”..

Kodak’s 1000 Words blog is an excellent example of a company blog that just nails the content.  Instead of focusing on Kodak’s cameras, 1000 Words instead focuses on photography.  This is the difference between using your blog to promote yourself, and to create content that your readers can find value in. 

Another company is Home Good OpenHouse’s. The company has open a blog to give their customers tips how to decorate their house and gardens.  The bloggers make a point to respond to almost every comment individually, and to refer to the commenter by their first name.  Also notice that the commenters also refer to the writer’s by their first name.  This might seem trivial, but that small personal touch is definitely resonating with Openhouse’s blog readers.

Another company blog that i reckon has an excellent sidebar is, believe it or not, Wal-Mart’s Checkout blog.  The Checkout blog includes one key element on its sidebar that most blogs total overlook:  pics of all its writers, and links to their bio.  In my point of views this is HUGELY important, but again most blogs, even most great ones, totally forget to add pics and bios for its writers.  The blog also has Flickr pics, a section explaining what the blog is about, categories, and a search box right at the top.

How Web 2.0 assists our personal productivity

6 Aug

Web 2.0 tools help people collaborate,communicate, and save time—and the good news is most are free.  Here i got some resources to show how we can improve our personal productivity.  Karen Greenwood Henke has a great tips about it this… Fantastic!… read them for more information…How ever i will summaries them up in my own words.and from my experienced using some of the web 2.0 tools mentioned below…

Use RSS for News updates

Now Its easy to get updates with news from any website you always read from..Every browser now has feeds that you can easily subscribe. Its easy to do.. First you open any website that contains the news you always read…You can see RSS subscribe button somewhere on the page.. Click on that.. Then it will be stored in your feed directly. The website will automatically send to you feed any updates they have.. Isn’t that easy??? Yess it is… 🙂 .. You can just check your feed and u dont have to open the website anymore…

Use WIKI and Google Doc for sharing your document

Google DOC and WIKI are web based documents thats allows us to share the same document to multiple number of users to enable them to update from anywhere and anytime…Google DOC ranged from words document, spreadsheet and presentation slides.. Wiki is a great collaboration tools for group works that entice more participations between team members.  Since  all tasks will be done online, you no longer need to keep you files in home PC/laptop /storage devices…We just need internet access to open our document…

Use BLOG to start dialogue with your community

Blog is similar to website which allows us to put all our contents and information online which publish in a very easy way than website.. It allows participants to enter comments on each post  and enable us to provide platform for public dialogue or closed discussion for a small group of professionals working together..

Use Delicious for BookMarking

I have experienced using Delicious before.. What it does is Delicious allows us to tag any website to bookmark them for our future reference… This will be useful for the purpose of searching any content/information faster especially for researcher who always dealing with search engine to find resources. It allows multiple users to tag and the tag can be categorised and organised easily through  Delicious…

No more Computer desktop

As we combine all the above web 2.o tools, we are no longer need computer desktop that stays in the office and we can portably work from anywhere with our laptop.. All we need is just organised all these tools by signing Google, Yahoo or AOL to create our personalised desktop with access to all of the other tools such as email, alerts an RSS aggregator, documents and more…

What makes a good blog post? Future blogging? Share your thought

5 Aug

It would be interesting to know what each bloggers thought about blogging.. People who are not yet become ablogger might want to know your insight in blogging. This blog post would probably beneficial for them to start and create one… So let me give you some idea what we should discuss here:

– “What did you post everyday”

– “What your blog is all about”.

– “What specific topic you normally discuss”.

– “How would you attract some external bloggers to come and view you blog”?

– “In your own perpective, what makes a good blog post”?

Share your opinion how blog helped and useful to you?


My Opinion

Okay.. Let me start..

I have 3 actives blogs and 1 new one i created this morning. That is: 

the third one is this blog

New one

 You know why i got heaps of blogs on my hand… That is because i used them for different purposes.. Samthesalsa is my personal blog, samloveanimation is my animation blog showing all my animation video to public and friends, samloveenteprise is for enterprise 2.0 and last but not least is my new blog for my design blog showing different artworks but i just started…so it only contains a few blog post at the moment…

If you guys realized, two of my blogs had been created by using and 2 blogs using wordpress… In my opinion, i really like wordpress than blogger because there are more options to choose from for setting and we can make our blog consist of number of pages.. I dont know whether blogger can do that? I have been searching for it but i couldn’t find it… Does anyone know? but i love wordpress still… lol..

Blog helped me to express my feeling when i got stress…Blog allow me talk to strangers or outsiders out there who make some comments on a particular blog post… indirectly they can be my social networking friends over the internet… Sometimes im bit lazy to remember things… so i wrote it in my blog so i can refer to it again later… Love it!!!..

What Makes A Good Blog Post?

In my perspective, a good blog post must gives us some knowledge or benefiits to us, of which i can learn from it. The post will help me to do works more effectively.. Introduce new ideas and he/she shares some good stuffs.. i mean something we can download from… for instance a blog provides some video tutorials about something…is that great? .

Some of the best blog i always referred to is :

Ranoadidas – Brunei no 1 social networking site..

This is my favourite blog.. You know y? Because i am from Brunei Darussalam but currently i am staying in  Australia. So this blog gave so much information for me to update the latest news what have or going to happen in Brunei… like events or some changes  in Brunei…  Almost all Bruneians are familiar with Ranoadidas. Awesome!!

Future blogging?

I probably predict blogging will be become a standard interface for all as it helps social networking, marketing, involve in affliate program, platform that makes money and will be more advanced feature and function… Maybe in life video streaming in real time environment…. where people commenting on blogs can communicate directly via blog…who knows right???

Take a look at what this guy steve interpret and predict whats his opinion about whats coming up soon…click here Refer to his fantastic map…. Awesome!!

video tutorial how to make a blog

3 Aug

Hey for those who still vagued about what is  a blog and how to make one… I have found this video tutorial from commoncraft… Watch it and i bet you will be so much easier to understand this than reading…
Enjoy…Common craft is genious having all thise awesome video..

Why do people blog? Benefit?

31 Jul

Most people i asked about blogging, some of them are not familiar about it. Some of them replied me “Is it a website? or “Ohh i dont know how to write HTML code.. sory dude” or “How long does it takes you to build a blog”.. Okay let me explain to you all in my own words.. We dont need to know about HTML, we dont need to build a website and it also takes less than 5 minutes to have a blog… WOW!!! isn’t it… Blog is a platform that represents attitude or professionalism or Organisations or social interaction and Communication… Blog is also :

  • a Web log
  • Expression – we can express our feeling through blog..
  • Link to external sites – This will helps us to widen our networks by communicating between our blog to another.
  • Tell stories – usually about a specific topic or subjects
  • Getting feedback about what we write from blog subsciber or even anynomous…
  • Helps us to gain more knowledge about our interest

Therefore this will make all of us to become a writer or publisher… Isnt that amazing!! . Blog is beneficial to most bloggers… I used blog for:

  •  writing to think, to record and store for retrieval
  • writing to share about something.
  • building relationship..
  • Increase network
  • Building reputation
  • self expression
  • for resume… (More about this later shortly)

If you are a blogger, if you like to share about what u think about blogging… Send me comments about it… I will love to hear them and share it with readers…

Build Community Online and Having Personal Branding

29 Jul

I really amazed about some bloggers have successfully build a community with large networks through online and blogging can be consider as part of their career. Look at the blog,You all have to see how this lady(Filipino) from Toronto have made blogging as part of her daily routine. She is an Enterprise social computing consultant at IBM. She helps Companies to use web 2.0 to help people improve their productivity and to collaborate more effectively. She wanted to help anyone to develop his/her passion, skills and network through blogging. She said blogging can help us to grow our networks. Through blogging ,she could find job, get promoted and getting clients easily. All we have to do is blogging.

The way she build her community was by keeping in touch with her friends lists from most of the known social networking platform such as twitter, yahoo messenger, Contact from facebook as well as exchanging information and contacts with other bloggers through her blog I read one of her post: whenever she travelled to any country, before she departed, first of all she will collates all her friends list any social networking websites e.g When she goes to Malaysia, she will try to find any chatters and friends lists who stayed in Malaysia and she will contact them see if they want to meet her while she is in Malaysia. This made her network increases from time to time as she met friends in any part of the world through her blog.  She linked all her social networking websites as shortcut at the sidebar of her blog so that easy for her to manage them.

Sacha chua blogs regularly and writes about sort of activities daily. Other than providing help for enterprise 2.0 and She provides some tips in the contents of how to do stuff in the field such as Cooking, presentation skill, communication skill and etc…

Other than web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0, he also provides helps to people about cooking, presentation and communication skill, Generation Y, books and etc… She is awesome!

Another blog called “rock the job” helps students t0 understand the impact of social media on their careers. For those who are not familiar with the words “social media” here, it refers to as social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter. The blog shows some videos of “how to” get benefits from blogging.  In other words, Facebook, blogging and Twitter can help us  for getting new career or even to become a celebrity! Isn’t that amazing!… Some tips they talked about in the video was about how to build a name or having our personal branding through the internet. This can be achieved by signing up and registering our name in as many social networking sites available in internet, if possible with our name as a username..Then try to search our names through search engine. See how many of your names appear???  If you have build a personal branding, I am interested to view it… Just drop your name and your blog url in comment..

Blogging really helps me a lot and pretty useful.

29 Jul

The things that i love about blogging, it makes my relationship with my family and friends really close. I am studying abroad at Queensland University Technology, my family is now in Brunei Darussalam, a country rich in oil and gas I reckon. They would have concerned about what life i have been through here in Brisbane Australia. Almost everyday, My mom kept on asking me what i was doing? have i eaten? With whom i hang out with? and all sort things. On the other hand, my friends have different cases. They asked me what have i learned so far, what things i bought, have i been to somewhere else other than Brisbane. Its about 30 texts i received per week…lol.. One of the students here somewhat said about Blogging, I didnt know what was that!! Then he introduced me so much things and stuffs we can include in the blog content. AWESOME!!!… Then i started registering the blog at The first blog i have was … The contents covered so much about my daily routine, my journey of life in Brisbane, things that interest me, travelling, my friends photos and so on. In simple words, my personal blog. I started in 2008.  Through this blog, i learnt alot about blogging and i have received some feedbacks from anynomous people and friends how improvement can be done with regards to placement of assets in the blog post such as video, picture, text and so on.

From this blog, my family and friends could easily looked up what i have been up to, see all my updated photos and leave a message when they wish to. This new technology (Web 2.0 blogging) helps my relationship with my family and friends to keep in touch with each other . Its pretty useful though..

The next blog i have In this blog, it helps me to develop a folio for my animation skill. I was doing “Animation and Motion Graphic” at QUT. I thought it was a good idea to display my work publicly and show what i have learnt through blogging. I have provided some tips of how to create animation in some blog post. It will teach all the viewers how to animate stuffs and to give some inspiration through the design works i have published. In the future, this blog might be useful for showing some skills i gained from my experienced as animator to interviewer.

Really love blogging so much…