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Docshare as document sharing application

16 Oct

Hey guys, im sorry i didnt write any blog posts for too long since i was really busy with all my works assessments…Anyway here I am with my new info… Today, i found something really good… It is called Docshare.. Anyone of u familiar with this??? I just knew it from my friend as we were doing the library proposal..  Ok it is document sharing application… It allows you to store your document online and share it to global audience… When you click on this Docshare link, you will be directed to Docshare website… You can see some thing like this:


When you look at the top, you can see they are many documents in digital forms being uploaded from many users. They actually want their documents or articles to be read by other users.. Some articles are for professionals but some documents are for entertainment such as humour, games info and so on…You can see the author recent activity on the right sidebar and DOC has provided a tutorial how we can use this Docshare… All documents can be categorised as u can see on the black toolbars in the picture such as businness and legal. ebooks, essays and Guides and instruction.. So its easy for the user to find the document just clicking in any categories the document they want to find may fall into. I have use it  to upload any of my old document so that i can easily find them in the future maybe it might be needed and Docshare is my storage location as well…Try it! it can be easily embedded onto your website as well… Really amazing tool to be explored.


Delicious-Library 2.0 is sooo cool!

6 Oct

Hi guys, i just came across with Delicious-library 2.0… Do u all familiar with this new web 2.0 tool? Its sounds similar with delicious but Delicious library 2.0 is a visual version and have more functionality other than Tagging any website… From the blog i read with the heading DELICIOUS MONSTER, it is a tool which acts as an inventory for putting all our stuffs up such as  Catalog your books, movies, music, software, toys, tools, electronics, & video games. The interesting this about it is how it works… You just hold almost any items in your hand in front of your webcam and it capture, then the Delicious-library 2.0 can detect the UPC which allows the picture and the price of that partcular object will be automatically recorded… It downloads all the relevant information of that particular item from the internet… And all our items will be displayed on photorealistic shelves as shown below.. Its makes us remember what are the things we had…

Delicious actually has a lot benefits. Some of them:

Let say if someone stole our things and we want the insurance company to pay for those item but they need exact items list, how are we going to list every single items we hav had.. But with Delicious-library, its quite easy to do that… as i mentioned it will keep all our stuffs so that it might be useable if something happen in the future as a platform not only for inventory,  but can become sorts of catalogs or we can even sell things from here… since it is represented products to our customers or friends…


As the blog DELICIOUS MONSTER refers to how it can be used for Loan books, I was thinking that this tool can be useful as propose tools for QUT library but as I read the article again, I guess it only suits for individual used.. Let say If i loan a book from the QUT library and the due date is on 23 december, so on the due date, Delicious library will shows pop up to remind me about loan due date.. If QUT library used this tools as there are thousands of students to loan the book and every single user, this tool will pops out everyones loan due date, this will be painful isnt it… Yeah but for sure I really like this delicious-library 2.0.. It allows us to download and try it! if u like it, u can purchase the from the blog it self.. It will be useful and fun… What u guys think?

BRUSOME, my own social networks with

1 Oct

A couple days ago, I was researching about library 2.0 for my business proposal report… Search…search and search until i came across to one the website which thrilled me alot… You know… Building our own social networks web site.. I dont mean Facebook or Twitter but i become the owner of that particular social network… let say if I am the owner of Facebook… This is the same concept… Isnt that awesome.. is the web page that I salute…I have registered with it… I named it as BRUSOME… Why BRUSOME? Ok fyi i am from Brunei so i abbreviate it as BRU and as i am currently studying in Australia… australian always used common word AWESOME…. so i shorten the word into SOME…Then combined them as BRUSOME…haha…If you signup and it is actually easy to set up the page… It has most of the functionality that Facebook has such as the update of peoples comments, it allows us to embed Photos, videos, applications and we can even customised it with the design page we like… After all page setup has been done, then organised the tool bar and upload all the media that we want to include… In my case, I add my favourite videos on the youtube, my photos, music and applications… It looks like a blog with sidebars…  but its different..I become the administrator for this social network…I can change the design page the way I like..I can add more pages on the toolbar if i wish… BRUSOME displays not only blog post but also all the activities happening in members profile page included all comments, adding events and forums.. The most interesting part of Ning is it allows most of web 2.0 tools and applications to be organised in one single platform(i.e Ning).look at the sample page of BRUSOME that I have created…and look at the toolbar at the top, we can make any page easily


Actually the first planned I had was to make BRUSOME as my profile page… Then I have this notion that instead of making the profile page of myself… This is the opportunity for me to enhance my personal branding using Ning coz it allows other user/friends/family to signup to my networks… I remember the first name I had was “Sam Online Network”.. hehe… After BRUSOME setup has been finalised Then the next step is how to attract other users including friends/Families/public users to make used of this website as a new social network…


There are many issues raised in my head for having people to accept Brusome… Mmmmm how? Not many people can accept any fresh social network with no one appears in the members list…. The first stategies I have was… a bit…I create a dummy profile using my brothers picture…Then i create some fake comments between my profile and my brothers profile just to fill in the comment page so that the next member signing up to my BRUSOME will see whats happening in there…  Then I informed all my siblings to signup…Ok so thats 3 members already.. Then I suggest my team mates to make used of BRUSOME for discussion doing our library 2.0 proposal… I think this is a good Idea to increase our collaboration tools.. It WORKS!!!!… We communicate well in here because if any member writing comments in our group page, all members in that group with receive via email with the name marked “BRUSOME”.. just like emailing someone… Very very easy….So I will have more strategies coming up to promote people using BRUSOME…. Some of the members signup now really like BRUSOME… They upload their photos up for public viewers…

If you want to explore about Ning… You can signup to my page here and be part of my community online….

Google Doc makes my life easy

26 Sep

Hi guys, now its been my busy week. Just Imagine how all my assessments items squeeze due onto the same week.. Most of works relies on group works and team management…So I have to organised every document in a single location? One problem I always have was I kept on forgetting to carry my hard drive and have to go back and forth my house and Uni to take it.. But One tool that helps me.. You know what? Yes! its Google DOC... I upload all my documents there and I dont need to worry about my storage drive anymore… Sooo Sooo Easy…. So I can edit the document from anywhere… I even dis my works while i was in the restaurant, internet cafe and anywhere that has internet access… I make folders for each of my course units and add documents into it… Similar way how you add your file into folder in your storage drive…

I also can share the document that I have created among all my team members to enable them to edit and save it… When you open the Google Docc, at the top right hand corner of the toolbar, you can see the word “Share” then expand it… Click on invite…. Then you can add as many email address as you wish to allow them to access the same documents that you are working on…This is a good application for collaboration between team members in doing project documentation… The last one who updated the document, the username will be shown at the top at a stated time.. Easy right?Look at the sample below how I categories my folder in..You can look at column Folder/Sharing… e.g Jeff to 5 collaborator means Jeff had invited me to share his document with 5 more users to enable us to edit and save…


Try them up! We don’t need to install it as this is one of web 2.0 Technology.. The best thing is it is free…

Business Web 2.0 Tools and Application

14 Sep

Its just the right time to reveal some of the web 2.0 tools which might be useful to be used in business. The web 2.0 will allows the user participations especially the employees who work in your company. Most of the these web 2.0 tools below can be embedded into any platform for shortcut rather than open up each independent applications. The integration of these tools is possible by using API… Some of these platforms are Blog and websites. The benefits of having these tools: we can increase our networks; for company/organisation perspective, increase in networks means capable of getting more customers, allows feedbacks about a certain products and allows the company staff to talk directly to their customer. Isn’t that amazing… Furthermore, Business 2.0 tools allows staffs in company to manage their tasks and more efficient in doing their work especially in team work environment where there are lots of collaborative tools out there which aids the task activities…. Here some of the tools you can download from go2web2.0, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Picture 4

Picture 2

Picture 3

What makes aspect of Web 2.0 do you feel most passionate about?

26 Aug

Well there are lots of things i am so passionate to use Web 2.0 tools and techniques. Some of these are:

1. It makes our works easy to manage

2. Make new friends.

3. Increase our online community

4. Integration – most web 2.0 can be integrated into web based platform such as a blog so that we can organisaing them up from a single platform only

5. We can get feedback about something from unknown users. What i did last months was, i needed some feedback about should i but NDS game or ipod touch. the blog post actually got large number of feedback from those who have these games and comment on which of these two are more worth buying… Finally i got the answer… Most feedback said “if you are into gaming go for NDS but if your are more to organising stuffs, email, need applications and games go for Ipod touch…Now i have ipod touch… See how the feedback from people are crucial in making decision.

6. Getting more information and knowledge faster.

7. Efficient in transfering data such as photo or message from one user to another…

8. The most important things was it allows me to keep in touch with my family and friends.

9. Web 2.0 also allows works and personal overlapping each other through feedbacks about a particular blog post.

So how about you? Share you thought here..

Companies using Twitter

9 Aug

Here i provide some links to companies. These companies have been using Twitter for sharing information. You can join and follow them in twitter.

(Taken from FluentSimplicity blog):

BBC (Off-site List)
NY Times (The NYT also offers other sections in twitter)
WHP (CBS-affiliate)
Wired News
Conde Nast Portfolio
Times OnLine
CBC News
Orlando Sentinel

Oh wow! its quite interesting to know about most of the media listed I know above like CNN, BBC and  Times are having Twitter…  But in fact, these companies should need one coz this will help them to source out any information in real time and public will be aware with the news faster. Everyone can be followers e.g CNN has 2,756,931 followers. Each twit contains links to CNN articles related to the twit post info.. Followers can click the link to read more on each twit post…Below I provide a print screen of an example how they used microblogging as platform for daily news…

Carnival Cruise Lines
Southwest Airlines
Mahalo Travel

Now some travel agency has used microblogging to provide information about travel time, baggage condition info and allows users to ask them if there are enquiries about anything before the departure… This can be useful for people to check if there are any changes to the travelling time in real time… I have opened jetBlue Airways twitter, one of the travel agency I have used before.. From the right sidebar, it says “Follow us and let us help! – Currently on duty: Gigi, Lindsey, Laurie, Morgan, and John”… Other than providing help for travelling info, they twit post an exclusive offers of cheap sale ticket to many places.. In this way, they can attract more people to use their travelling agency.

Dell Outler
Direct2Dell (China):
Studio Dell
Apple: (Questionable) Deals:
Zappos (Questionable)

Business, Business, Business!!! Yes… This is actually a good idea for retailers to use microblogging to boost up their marketing strategies.. Like, other than twitting about their products, they have some competition having prize to be won… In my opinion it is part of their strategies for more users to twit with them instead of showing some offers/discount about a certain products. so they make their twits open for customers to follows them but I feel curious why apple twitter has protected their tweet.. I couldn’t even see any info on their twit page.

Professional Services
Deacons (*** A Law Firm!)


Career Development Office, McGill University
Norwich University

Ford ***Questionable

Franklin, MA PD (Needs more updates)
Austin, TX PD (Why lock updates?)


Food/Specialty Products

Henry Rollins
Matthew Modine

Some other companies  for instance under professional services such as Deacon which is law firm, which shows legislation for [Australian] National Model OHS Laws,has now started using Microblogging to update any updated legislation info for australian… Under Saas,Mzinga used Microblogging to help enterprises join in conversation with people interested in their products and services. SOme university such as Norwich university used Twitter to provide any education infos… FOrd car company used twitter for ford customer service updates.. Some government now starts using twitter such as LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) now used Twitter to provide some news for the purpose of protecting the City of Los Angeles and to report an emergency. SOme social blogs now used Twitter  such us Techmeme, the web’s technology news site of record, to provide the hottest tech stories from all around the web on a single page. Food companies such as MNM (chocolate candy) use twitter for getting customer feedback and build more friendly environment with their customer… Authors/artist/musicians also can used twitter to get feedback about the book they have publish and they can ideas from other twitter users as well… Amazing! You can refer to How Matthew Modine use Twitter for this purposes..

Twitter used for academic purposes and enhance personal branding

9 Aug

This topic tells us how Twitter can be useful to enhance our personal branding over the internet and for academic purposes.

Twitter develop Personal Branding

To achieve and develop our name over the internet so that it is highly well known by the online community, one should have personal brand. For instance, I am as a web consultant helps organisation to set up web 2.0 tools to develop Enterprise 2.0. So i must build a name online to be recognised by company so that companies would access my blog to find any information they want. But how? So I have registered in and join many social networking platform to show links to my blog.. this includes Twitter,Facebook and so on. I used twitter as my daily routine… After i wrote something on my blog i will then go to Twitter to tell the community that i have post a specific topic on my blog post by providing URL address. From here, i will increase my network not only from other bloggers, blog readers but also from Twitter. In Twitter i have followed many communities specializes in Enterprise 2.0. Therefore when i send something such as my blog  post with Url in Twitter, all these communities will receive this link and when they click on my message, it will be directed to my blog. This attracts people to look at what i write. So Twitter help me much to upgrade my personal branding over the internet.

From youtube i found this guy “alaisterlow” talk about how do we brand ourself on twitter:

Twitter in class

In general, students and teachers can use Twitter for many purposes. I suggest teachers should make a twitter community for instance “ST George School primary 5” community. Teachers then introduce this link and inform about the purpose of having Twitter  to the class. In my point of views, Teachers and students can communicate more effectively by Twitter. They can discuss about the topic they have studied out of class and allow students to interact immediately to their teacher if they dont understand anything in class. So this will develop close relationships between students -students and teacher-students… Sometimes email will take longer for people to reply any incoming message but Twitter happen in real time.. It similar to Msn messenger but twitter only contains 140 characters… So its better to utilise the technology we have to improve ways of livings. Check out this youtube video by UniversityofMinn, where some university uses twitter in class and out of class to allow engagements and participations among students:

Is Twitter useful or waste of time? Share your thought.

8 Aug

Most people already familiar with Twitter. As i am a twitter’s user i personally love twitter because it allows me to know what my friends are doing and i could share what i am doing in every moment of my life. e.g If Isend a message telling about im gong to set up a party next week and inviting all my friends, the same day i will receive more than 20 replied on the same topic. It helps me to identify who is coming over to my house… It is also pretty useful for selling stuffs to people, i always use it  as an alternative instead of displaying them on ebay… Real time and much faster having customer…

So i dont think Twitter is waste of time because we can get benefits out of it… I have watched the tv show of David letterman saying Twitter is just waste of time. lets watch it:

We can talk in Twitter about Business, talking to friends about projects, Selling or buying stuff and we can get feedback easily about our product or Twitter helps us to identify what will happen in the future.. e.g twitter has personalised topic about earthquake so that people will get informed about it… Click here to join twitter earthquake

Best Practices for Businesses on Twitter

8 Aug

Twitter is a powerful program which allow us to share information to the world in every second. But how we can use them for businesses.. Twitter or also called as Macro Blogging useful for company success. It becomes a communication platform between company, customer, vendor and those who are interested about the company. It is more quickly to share information. As individual who work in a particular organisation/company, they can use twitter to tell stories about their company how great, dissappointing  with their business.

Twitter allows us connects to customer in real time environment and possibly they would inform about how good or bad our product. Therefore we will get feedback faster and we can provide immediate respond right away or use for future planning. We also can inform any updates that our company has made e.g if  you are working in shopping centre, you can update to people there will be great party or event coming up. In this way people will be inform directly and most people would probably interested in this information and come to your shopping centre. Easy right!! Twitter could be one way will help our business to excel…

How twitter works?

Anyone /company don’t know how to use Twitter, i have provide a video explaination what Twitter is and how it works here (This video take from commoncraft:

Best practices for business on Twitter:

(taken from Twitter101):

Think about Twitter as a place to build relationships:

1. Include in your Bio and/or custom background the names (or @usernames) of the people twittering from your company account. It’s also a good idea to include additional contact info, like email addresses.

2. Listen regularly for comments about your company,   brand and products—and be prepared to address concerns, offer customer service or thank people for praise.

4. Use a casual, friendly tone in your messages.

5. While you shouldn’t feel compelled to follow everyone who follows you, do respond to some questions or comments addressed to you.

6. If you like a particular message, retweet it. People often appreciate the sharing and amplification of their ideas, so look to retweet cool stuff.

7. Post links to articles and sites you think folks would find interesting—even if they’re not your sites or about your company.

8. Make sure your tweets provide some real value. You know better than we do what is valuable, but here are few examples to spark ideas:

  • Offer Twitter exclusive coupons or deals
  • Take people behind the scenes of your company
  • Post pictures from your offices, stores, warehouses, etc.
  • Share sneak peeks of projects or events in development

9. Don’t spam people. Twitter’s following model means that you have to respect the interests and desires of other people here or they’ll unfollow you. The most common way to run afoul of that understanding—and to thus look like a spammer—is to send unsolicited @messages or DMs, particularly when you include a promotional link.

10. Of course, if you run an account that focuses explicitly on sharing exclusive coupon codes or sale information, you’re probably just fine posting promos. But tread carefully, and consider explaining in your bio or background how the account work.

So hope you will practice these tips for setting up twitter which might help for your business… Goodluck guys…