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Secure Identity for Bloggers

14 Sep

SamairSome people I met or some bloggers was really worried about their identity to be exposed if they are using some web 2.0 tools such as blogging… Coz what i heard it causes us a lot of troubles if our real world identity such as any bad habits we always be doing like partying and alcoholic drinking, revealed and found by our manager and there were cases they will get fired… Horrible!.. So this makes me thinking if there are ways how we could hide our identity online..I found a blog post of which i consider it is really great as it gives us good easy guides with his own case study how he would deal with a certain phenomena… The blog post was actually written by Ethan Zucker on December 2006 but he actually got the resouces from Global Voices Online….

In this blog post by Ethan Zucker, he referred a lady named Sarah who was working in government office as an accountant.. From the articles, the author mentioned about how Sarah aware of her boss who was deputy minister has take large amount of money from the government… She got intention to let other people’s know about this but she was worried she might lose her jobs if he finds she planned her strategies by make herself anynomous…  some security measures that can be done to protect  identity according to what Sarah did using some of web 2.o technologies:


She used free webmail such as hotmail, Yahoo mail and hushmail and DO NOT use any paid account for email or web hosting because the payment will link the account to paypal or credit card which could easily linked back to her. I agree with this because we have our profiles in our credit card/paypal… so this can be easily track by our boss..  Use free blog host provider such as blogger, wordpress, blogsome as well…


Use public IP address instead of IP address from office… So one way to do this is, go to internet cafe with internet connection” or anywhere that allows you to use any computer which has been used by lots of people… Then post the blog from there… Its pretty hard to track who is using the computer at a particular time since it is a public computer isn’t it… hehe.


You can used public proxies out there for free. By using public proxies, we can leave behind IP address of that particular proxy server instead of the ip address of our home computer. This will make it hard for our boss to track and find us.. Brilliant isn’t it.. haha.. From the articles, he mentioned 3 public proxy server we can used:


Rosinstrument Proxy Database

I havent use them but you can try…

If you are not sure how to change the proxy server “internet option” setup for our PC/laptop, You can read more here.


If you are a bit worried about what if the proxy administrator that you are using cannot be trusted which might reveal you identity… No worries.. You can ask help from any of your friends to  set up Circumventor in his/her system and we can use his proxy server instead of the public proxies… According to the author, Circumventors is actually one of the dozenof proxy servers a user can set up to allow people to use our computer as a proxy.


If you still worried about this, You can also installing Onion routing system which works with proxy server… read more for more explaination here

It seems all my explaination above is simple… If you’re not a technical skill person, ask for help from IT people.. Im pretty sure they know bout this… So in this way, we can easily blogs with no reveals in identity.. But however some of these method might works…and this might not be the best solution for you, please drop me a comment if you have better ways how you secure your identity on the internet…I would like to hear your comments…