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Docshare as document sharing application

16 Oct

Hey guys, im sorry i didnt write any blog posts for too long since i was really busy with all my works assessments…Anyway here I am with my new info… Today, i found something really good… It is called Docshare.. Anyone of u familiar with this??? I just knew it from my friend as we were doing the library proposal..  Ok it is document sharing application… It allows you to store your document online and share it to global audience… When you click on this Docshare link, you will be directed to Docshare website… You can see some thing like this:


When you look at the top, you can see they are many documents in digital forms being uploaded from many users. They actually want their documents or articles to be read by other users.. Some articles are for professionals but some documents are for entertainment such as humour, games info and so on…You can see the author recent activity on the right sidebar and DOC has provided a tutorial how we can use this Docshare… All documents can be categorised as u can see on the black toolbars in the picture such as businness and legal. ebooks, essays and Guides and instruction.. So its easy for the user to find the document just clicking in any categories the document they want to find may fall into. I have use it  to upload any of my old document so that i can easily find them in the future maybe it might be needed and Docshare is my storage location as well…Try it! it can be easily embedded onto your website as well… Really amazing tool to be explored.


Delicious-Library 2.0 is sooo cool!

6 Oct

Hi guys, i just came across with Delicious-library 2.0… Do u all familiar with this new web 2.0 tool? Its sounds similar with delicious but Delicious library 2.0 is a visual version and have more functionality other than Tagging any website… From the blog i read with the heading DELICIOUS MONSTER, it is a tool which acts as an inventory for putting all our stuffs up such as  Catalog your books, movies, music, software, toys, tools, electronics, & video games. The interesting this about it is how it works… You just hold almost any items in your hand in front of your webcam and it capture, then the Delicious-library 2.0 can detect the UPC which allows the picture and the price of that partcular object will be automatically recorded… It downloads all the relevant information of that particular item from the internet… And all our items will be displayed on photorealistic shelves as shown below.. Its makes us remember what are the things we had…

Delicious actually has a lot benefits. Some of them:

Let say if someone stole our things and we want the insurance company to pay for those item but they need exact items list, how are we going to list every single items we hav had.. But with Delicious-library, its quite easy to do that… as i mentioned it will keep all our stuffs so that it might be useable if something happen in the future as a platform not only for inventory,  but can become sorts of catalogs or we can even sell things from here… since it is represented products to our customers or friends…


As the blog DELICIOUS MONSTER refers to how it can be used for Loan books, I was thinking that this tool can be useful as propose tools for QUT library but as I read the article again, I guess it only suits for individual used.. Let say If i loan a book from the QUT library and the due date is on 23 december, so on the due date, Delicious library will shows pop up to remind me about loan due date.. If QUT library used this tools as there are thousands of students to loan the book and every single user, this tool will pops out everyones loan due date, this will be painful isnt it… Yeah but for sure I really like this delicious-library 2.0.. It allows us to download and try it! if u like it, u can purchase the from the blog it self.. It will be useful and fun… What u guys think?

Buzzwords is better than Google DOC?

27 Sep

Have you all heard about buzzword acrobat? 2 days ago my friend was typing her document online.. I was just asking her what was that.. She said “I was doing my assignment with my team mate on Buzzwords”… Huh???? Havent heard that… She mentioned its actually quite similar to Google DOC...It allows us to keep the format layout of the document just like Google DOC…So today I try to experiment using it…The first page we need to fill in the form to register..For information, Buzzword is free! One thing about Buzzword, the loading is so slow and only a single user can edit at any particular time.. Google DOC is different… it allows the shared users to edit at the same time .. e.g if person is typing in the document, person can actually see the cursor running while person A is typing at real time…Isn’t that cool!! look at the print screen below.. This is what the buzzword looks like:


Check it out and tell me what do u think about buzzword?

Google Doc makes my life easy

26 Sep

Hi guys, now its been my busy week. Just Imagine how all my assessments items squeeze due onto the same week.. Most of works relies on group works and team management…So I have to organised every document in a single location? One problem I always have was I kept on forgetting to carry my hard drive and have to go back and forth my house and Uni to take it.. But One tool that helps me.. You know what? Yes! its Google DOC... I upload all my documents there and I dont need to worry about my storage drive anymore… Sooo Sooo Easy…. So I can edit the document from anywhere… I even dis my works while i was in the restaurant, internet cafe and anywhere that has internet access… I make folders for each of my course units and add documents into it… Similar way how you add your file into folder in your storage drive…

I also can share the document that I have created among all my team members to enable them to edit and save it… When you open the Google Docc, at the top right hand corner of the toolbar, you can see the word “Share” then expand it… Click on invite…. Then you can add as many email address as you wish to allow them to access the same documents that you are working on…This is a good application for collaboration between team members in doing project documentation… The last one who updated the document, the username will be shown at the top at a stated time.. Easy right?Look at the sample below how I categories my folder in..You can look at column Folder/Sharing… e.g Jeff to 5 collaborator means Jeff had invited me to share his document with 5 more users to enable us to edit and save…


Try them up! We don’t need to install it as this is one of web 2.0 Technology.. The best thing is it is free…

Business Web 2.0 Tools and Application

14 Sep

Its just the right time to reveal some of the web 2.0 tools which might be useful to be used in business. The web 2.0 will allows the user participations especially the employees who work in your company. Most of the these web 2.0 tools below can be embedded into any platform for shortcut rather than open up each independent applications. The integration of these tools is possible by using API… Some of these platforms are Blog and websites. The benefits of having these tools: we can increase our networks; for company/organisation perspective, increase in networks means capable of getting more customers, allows feedbacks about a certain products and allows the company staff to talk directly to their customer. Isn’t that amazing… Furthermore, Business 2.0 tools allows staffs in company to manage their tasks and more efficient in doing their work especially in team work environment where there are lots of collaborative tools out there which aids the task activities…. Here some of the tools you can download from go2web2.0, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Picture 4

Picture 2

Picture 3

Introducing Telligent software as Enterprise 2.0 Online Community for Business

9 Sep

Hi guys, here i would like to share and introduce you a new collaboration software which can be used in any organisations to produce Enterprise 2.0 online community. Telligent has produced 3 different online software programs : Telligent Community, Telligent Enterprise and Telligent Analytics

From the information i read through their website

Telligent Enterprise is collaboration application which allows integrations with standard applications such as email, Microsoft Office SharePint Server which will extend and leverage off organisations’s existing technology… Telligent Community is one which enables conversation between company/organisation and their customer and receive feedback about their products through blogging, forums, groups, ratings and work together for ongoing community engagement as well as providing customer support; Telligent Analytics helps the company maps the connections within its community, with high quality consumer intelligence, content flow and etc.

There are some videos demo you can watch from  Telligent website. As i watch the video, other than blogs and forums, WIKIS also been integrated into Telligent which allow employees and staff to work with documentation.. Check it out. Pretty useful i guess!

Web 2.0 tools for business

9 Sep

Today I was having a presentation for my Alternate Reality Game that i have developed.. The audience kinda like my project.. Yeah then i went back home…I felt  a bit bored so i guess its better to search something useful which might help for business.. I was researching more web 2.0 tools and application to be used for business. Then i found one website which is Beginner guides to web 2.0 tools for Business. I want to share it with you.

There are 5 sections included in this website Finance, Forecasting/isk Assessment or R&D, Human Resouces, Marketing Communications, Project teams and Sales… I think all these are common core that make up a business process within organisations… He provided and suggested some Web2.0 tools for each section…All of these tools are for collaboration for doing business, how the team would interact with each other, Doing task efficiently, powerful for more participations, help to manage the business activities with these web 2.0 tools…Out of all, I have used Google Docs and Spreadsheets for doing my business proposal.. Its wasy really to use with my team mate…First I make a new page and invited all my team mate to share this document to allow them to edit and save it …  I thought this is the only web 2.0 tools before I access the website I introduce to you here but then  i access to “Zoho Sheet” page. From the homepage, it says “Create, Share and Collaborate”… I signup just to see what it can do… It is actually similar to Google Doc but for spreadsheet  only(excel) but in my own perspective for those working on excel, Zoho is consider a good web 2.0 application since it gives more functions for adding any components you need in your spreadsheet. Try them up.. it has a built in application for building mashup… Cool!…It also allow multiple user to edit and save the same documents..

Then under the project team heading, i opened IBM Lotus Connections to look what IBM has been doing towards upgrading the company for web 2.0 technology…From their page it says “IBM Lotus is social computing software for business that empowers  you to be more innovative”.. I was just wandering if we are using their new product needs installation?? hmm… Then I found somewhere in their website (forgot to copy the link), it says “No installation”.. Interesting right! Before I’ve been introduced with web 2.0 technology, any software required installation but now the technolgy has changed alot. Most works can be done through online…One benefit I can see through this concept, We can actually do works from anywhere and the documents become portable… We no longer need usb drive to save our files… But I can think of risk of web 2.0.. What if the host server of that particular web 2.0  site shutting down? Our files will be lost.. I guess the solution for this is we can have our own server so that we dont have to worry about the risk…Further information about IBM Lotus Connection, there have built-in blogs to present ideas/get feedback through commenting and wikis to create web content together…and other functionality such as “social” to stay in touch with the social network… “Communities” to work with people to share common interest…”File” allow sharing documents and media file such as image  among the online communities.. IBM is marvellous… Can combine all these tools which I consider good for making business with people…

So I recommend if you have business and wanted to move towards web 2.0 technology, explore each of the tools provide in this website Beginner guides to web 2.0 tools for Business

I guess it will help you with the activities for Finance, marketing, HR, Sale and team management… Goodluck!

How Web 2.0 assists our personal productivity

6 Aug

Web 2.0 tools help people collaborate,communicate, and save time—and the good news is most are free.  Here i got some resources to show how we can improve our personal productivity.  Karen Greenwood Henke has a great tips about it this… Fantastic!… read them for more information…How ever i will summaries them up in my own words.and from my experienced using some of the web 2.0 tools mentioned below…

Use RSS for News updates

Now Its easy to get updates with news from any website you always read from..Every browser now has feeds that you can easily subscribe. Its easy to do.. First you open any website that contains the news you always read…You can see RSS subscribe button somewhere on the page.. Click on that.. Then it will be stored in your feed directly. The website will automatically send to you feed any updates they have.. Isn’t that easy??? Yess it is… 🙂 .. You can just check your feed and u dont have to open the website anymore…

Use WIKI and Google Doc for sharing your document

Google DOC and WIKI are web based documents thats allows us to share the same document to multiple number of users to enable them to update from anywhere and anytime…Google DOC ranged from words document, spreadsheet and presentation slides.. Wiki is a great collaboration tools for group works that entice more participations between team members.  Since  all tasks will be done online, you no longer need to keep you files in home PC/laptop /storage devices…We just need internet access to open our document…

Use BLOG to start dialogue with your community

Blog is similar to website which allows us to put all our contents and information online which publish in a very easy way than website.. It allows participants to enter comments on each post  and enable us to provide platform for public dialogue or closed discussion for a small group of professionals working together..

Use Delicious for BookMarking

I have experienced using Delicious before.. What it does is Delicious allows us to tag any website to bookmark them for our future reference… This will be useful for the purpose of searching any content/information faster especially for researcher who always dealing with search engine to find resources. It allows multiple users to tag and the tag can be categorised and organised easily through  Delicious…

No more Computer desktop

As we combine all the above web 2.o tools, we are no longer need computer desktop that stays in the office and we can portably work from anywhere with our laptop.. All we need is just organised all these tools by signing Google, Yahoo or AOL to create our personalised desktop with access to all of the other tools such as email, alerts an RSS aggregator, documents and more…