BRUSOME, my own social networks with

1 Oct

A couple days ago, I was researching about library 2.0 for my business proposal report… Search…search and search until i came across to one the website which thrilled me alot… You know… Building our own social networks web site.. I dont mean Facebook or Twitter but i become the owner of that particular social network… let say if I am the owner of Facebook… This is the same concept… Isnt that awesome.. is the web page that I salute…I have registered with it… I named it as BRUSOME… Why BRUSOME? Ok fyi i am from Brunei so i abbreviate it as BRU and as i am currently studying in Australia… australian always used common word AWESOME…. so i shorten the word into SOME…Then combined them as BRUSOME…haha…If you signup and it is actually easy to set up the page… It has most of the functionality that Facebook has such as the update of peoples comments, it allows us to embed Photos, videos, applications and we can even customised it with the design page we like… After all page setup has been done, then organised the tool bar and upload all the media that we want to include… In my case, I add my favourite videos on the youtube, my photos, music and applications… It looks like a blog with sidebars…  but its different..I become the administrator for this social network…I can change the design page the way I like..I can add more pages on the toolbar if i wish… BRUSOME displays not only blog post but also all the activities happening in members profile page included all comments, adding events and forums.. The most interesting part of Ning is it allows most of web 2.0 tools and applications to be organised in one single platform(i.e Ning).look at the sample page of BRUSOME that I have created…and look at the toolbar at the top, we can make any page easily


Actually the first planned I had was to make BRUSOME as my profile page… Then I have this notion that instead of making the profile page of myself… This is the opportunity for me to enhance my personal branding using Ning coz it allows other user/friends/family to signup to my networks… I remember the first name I had was “Sam Online Network”.. hehe… After BRUSOME setup has been finalised Then the next step is how to attract other users including friends/Families/public users to make used of this website as a new social network…


There are many issues raised in my head for having people to accept Brusome… Mmmmm how? Not many people can accept any fresh social network with no one appears in the members list…. The first stategies I have was… a bit…I create a dummy profile using my brothers picture…Then i create some fake comments between my profile and my brothers profile just to fill in the comment page so that the next member signing up to my BRUSOME will see whats happening in there…  Then I informed all my siblings to signup…Ok so thats 3 members already.. Then I suggest my team mates to make used of BRUSOME for discussion doing our library 2.0 proposal… I think this is a good Idea to increase our collaboration tools.. It WORKS!!!!… We communicate well in here because if any member writing comments in our group page, all members in that group with receive via email with the name marked “BRUSOME”.. just like emailing someone… Very very easy….So I will have more strategies coming up to promote people using BRUSOME…. Some of the members signup now really like BRUSOME… They upload their photos up for public viewers…

If you want to explore about Ning… You can signup to my page here and be part of my community online….


Buzzwords is better than Google DOC?

27 Sep

Have you all heard about buzzword acrobat? 2 days ago my friend was typing her document online.. I was just asking her what was that.. She said “I was doing my assignment with my team mate on Buzzwords”… Huh???? Havent heard that… She mentioned its actually quite similar to Google DOC...It allows us to keep the format layout of the document just like Google DOC…So today I try to experiment using it…The first page we need to fill in the form to register..For information, Buzzword is free! One thing about Buzzword, the loading is so slow and only a single user can edit at any particular time.. Google DOC is different… it allows the shared users to edit at the same time .. e.g if person is typing in the document, person can actually see the cursor running while person A is typing at real time…Isn’t that cool!! look at the print screen below.. This is what the buzzword looks like:


Check it out and tell me what do u think about buzzword?

Google Doc makes my life easy

26 Sep

Hi guys, now its been my busy week. Just Imagine how all my assessments items squeeze due onto the same week.. Most of works relies on group works and team management…So I have to organised every document in a single location? One problem I always have was I kept on forgetting to carry my hard drive and have to go back and forth my house and Uni to take it.. But One tool that helps me.. You know what? Yes! its Google DOC... I upload all my documents there and I dont need to worry about my storage drive anymore… Sooo Sooo Easy…. So I can edit the document from anywhere… I even dis my works while i was in the restaurant, internet cafe and anywhere that has internet access… I make folders for each of my course units and add documents into it… Similar way how you add your file into folder in your storage drive…

I also can share the document that I have created among all my team members to enable them to edit and save it… When you open the Google Docc, at the top right hand corner of the toolbar, you can see the word “Share” then expand it… Click on invite…. Then you can add as many email address as you wish to allow them to access the same documents that you are working on…This is a good application for collaboration between team members in doing project documentation… The last one who updated the document, the username will be shown at the top at a stated time.. Easy right?Look at the sample below how I categories my folder in..You can look at column Folder/Sharing… e.g Jeff to 5 collaborator means Jeff had invited me to share his document with 5 more users to enable us to edit and save…


Try them up! We don’t need to install it as this is one of web 2.0 Technology.. The best thing is it is free…

Secure Identity for Bloggers

14 Sep

SamairSome people I met or some bloggers was really worried about their identity to be exposed if they are using some web 2.0 tools such as blogging… Coz what i heard it causes us a lot of troubles if our real world identity such as any bad habits we always be doing like partying and alcoholic drinking, revealed and found by our manager and there were cases they will get fired… Horrible!.. So this makes me thinking if there are ways how we could hide our identity online..I found a blog post of which i consider it is really great as it gives us good easy guides with his own case study how he would deal with a certain phenomena… The blog post was actually written by Ethan Zucker on December 2006 but he actually got the resouces from Global Voices Online….

In this blog post by Ethan Zucker, he referred a lady named Sarah who was working in government office as an accountant.. From the articles, the author mentioned about how Sarah aware of her boss who was deputy minister has take large amount of money from the government… She got intention to let other people’s know about this but she was worried she might lose her jobs if he finds she planned her strategies by make herself anynomous…  some security measures that can be done to protect  identity according to what Sarah did using some of web 2.o technologies:


She used free webmail such as hotmail, Yahoo mail and hushmail and DO NOT use any paid account for email or web hosting because the payment will link the account to paypal or credit card which could easily linked back to her. I agree with this because we have our profiles in our credit card/paypal… so this can be easily track by our boss..  Use free blog host provider such as blogger, wordpress, blogsome as well…


Use public IP address instead of IP address from office… So one way to do this is, go to internet cafe with internet connection” or anywhere that allows you to use any computer which has been used by lots of people… Then post the blog from there… Its pretty hard to track who is using the computer at a particular time since it is a public computer isn’t it… hehe.


You can used public proxies out there for free. By using public proxies, we can leave behind IP address of that particular proxy server instead of the ip address of our home computer. This will make it hard for our boss to track and find us.. Brilliant isn’t it.. haha.. From the articles, he mentioned 3 public proxy server we can used:


Rosinstrument Proxy Database

I havent use them but you can try…

If you are not sure how to change the proxy server “internet option” setup for our PC/laptop, You can read more here.


If you are a bit worried about what if the proxy administrator that you are using cannot be trusted which might reveal you identity… No worries.. You can ask help from any of your friends to  set up Circumventor in his/her system and we can use his proxy server instead of the public proxies… According to the author, Circumventors is actually one of the dozenof proxy servers a user can set up to allow people to use our computer as a proxy.


If you still worried about this, You can also installing Onion routing system which works with proxy server… read more for more explaination here

It seems all my explaination above is simple… If you’re not a technical skill person, ask for help from IT people.. Im pretty sure they know bout this… So in this way, we can easily blogs with no reveals in identity.. But however some of these method might works…and this might not be the best solution for you, please drop me a comment if you have better ways how you secure your identity on the internet…I would like to hear your comments…

Business Web 2.0 Tools and Application

14 Sep

Its just the right time to reveal some of the web 2.0 tools which might be useful to be used in business. The web 2.0 will allows the user participations especially the employees who work in your company. Most of the these web 2.0 tools below can be embedded into any platform for shortcut rather than open up each independent applications. The integration of these tools is possible by using API… Some of these platforms are Blog and websites. The benefits of having these tools: we can increase our networks; for company/organisation perspective, increase in networks means capable of getting more customers, allows feedbacks about a certain products and allows the company staff to talk directly to their customer. Isn’t that amazing… Furthermore, Business 2.0 tools allows staffs in company to manage their tasks and more efficient in doing their work especially in team work environment where there are lots of collaborative tools out there which aids the task activities…. Here some of the tools you can download from go2web2.0, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Picture 4

Picture 2

Picture 3

Introducing Telligent software as Enterprise 2.0 Online Community for Business

9 Sep

Hi guys, here i would like to share and introduce you a new collaboration software which can be used in any organisations to produce Enterprise 2.0 online community. Telligent has produced 3 different online software programs : Telligent Community, Telligent Enterprise and Telligent Analytics

From the information i read through their website

Telligent Enterprise is collaboration application which allows integrations with standard applications such as email, Microsoft Office SharePint Server which will extend and leverage off organisations’s existing technology… Telligent Community is one which enables conversation between company/organisation and their customer and receive feedback about their products through blogging, forums, groups, ratings and work together for ongoing community engagement as well as providing customer support; Telligent Analytics helps the company maps the connections within its community, with high quality consumer intelligence, content flow and etc.

There are some videos demo you can watch from  Telligent website. As i watch the video, other than blogs and forums, WIKIS also been integrated into Telligent which allow employees and staff to work with documentation.. Check it out. Pretty useful i guess!

Web 2.0 tools for business

9 Sep

Today I was having a presentation for my Alternate Reality Game that i have developed.. The audience kinda like my project.. Yeah then i went back home…I felt  a bit bored so i guess its better to search something useful which might help for business.. I was researching more web 2.0 tools and application to be used for business. Then i found one website which is Beginner guides to web 2.0 tools for Business. I want to share it with you.

There are 5 sections included in this website Finance, Forecasting/isk Assessment or R&D, Human Resouces, Marketing Communications, Project teams and Sales… I think all these are common core that make up a business process within organisations… He provided and suggested some Web2.0 tools for each section…All of these tools are for collaboration for doing business, how the team would interact with each other, Doing task efficiently, powerful for more participations, help to manage the business activities with these web 2.0 tools…Out of all, I have used Google Docs and Spreadsheets for doing my business proposal.. Its wasy really to use with my team mate…First I make a new page and invited all my team mate to share this document to allow them to edit and save it …  I thought this is the only web 2.0 tools before I access the website I introduce to you here but then  i access to “Zoho Sheet” page. From the homepage, it says “Create, Share and Collaborate”… I signup just to see what it can do… It is actually similar to Google Doc but for spreadsheet  only(excel) but in my own perspective for those working on excel, Zoho is consider a good web 2.0 application since it gives more functions for adding any components you need in your spreadsheet. Try them up.. it has a built in application for building mashup… Cool!…It also allow multiple user to edit and save the same documents..

Then under the project team heading, i opened IBM Lotus Connections to look what IBM has been doing towards upgrading the company for web 2.0 technology…From their page it says “IBM Lotus is social computing software for business that empowers  you to be more innovative”.. I was just wandering if we are using their new product needs installation?? hmm… Then I found somewhere in their website (forgot to copy the link), it says “No installation”.. Interesting right! Before I’ve been introduced with web 2.0 technology, any software required installation but now the technolgy has changed alot. Most works can be done through online…One benefit I can see through this concept, We can actually do works from anywhere and the documents become portable… We no longer need usb drive to save our files… But I can think of risk of web 2.0.. What if the host server of that particular web 2.0  site shutting down? Our files will be lost.. I guess the solution for this is we can have our own server so that we dont have to worry about the risk…Further information about IBM Lotus Connection, there have built-in blogs to present ideas/get feedback through commenting and wikis to create web content together…and other functionality such as “social” to stay in touch with the social network… “Communities” to work with people to share common interest…”File” allow sharing documents and media file such as image  among the online communities.. IBM is marvellous… Can combine all these tools which I consider good for making business with people…

So I recommend if you have business and wanted to move towards web 2.0 technology, explore each of the tools provide in this website Beginner guides to web 2.0 tools for Business

I guess it will help you with the activities for Finance, marketing, HR, Sale and team management… Goodluck!

Case study on how QUT Library using Web2.0

4 Sep

Hi everyone, yesterday i was attending the Enterprise lecture and there was four QUT librarians explained more about how they attempts to move from the existing website to  Enterprise 2.0. Well, they called it as Library 2.0.. I just have this notion that any websites using web 2.0 will have “2.0” at the end of every words.. Others can be like Shopping 2.0… hehe.. Correct me if im wrong…

Okay, i tried to give you basic overviews about QUT Library 2.0.. Some of the points below reflects what i wrote notes during the lecture…

  • The QUT library 2.0 hosts outside of QUT : 
  • website allows widgets: e,g information about latest book being added to the library.. So this will get updated automatically.
  • Twiter accounts: Staffs has a responsibility  of updating twitter. They mentioned about getting it updated twice a week. It allows students and staffs to follow, ask question and leave feedback regarding books, research or any other issues.
  • QUT external blog –  Librarians have maintained this blog and update information for their personal used and it can also be used by students and staffs to look for some useful information about QUT library as well as commenting about any issues regarding any blog post they have submitted.
  •  RSS feed: they subscribed in feeds and the information will be updated automatically. This feed is embedded into the Library blog.
  • Google Scholar – QUT library also embedded google scholar onto the website. It provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, students can search across many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles.
  • QUT eprints – represents collection of QUT research repositories and digitised collections This can be used by QUT students, researchers as well as general public.
  • Multimedia – Library 2.0 also allows users to upload any multimedia assets such as Image, sound, video and other digital assets for academic purposes.
  • Improve Searching –  more flexible in searching books, articles, etc. They mentioned about they wanted to make search by subjects…
  • Tag – They used tag for easy access to information quicker and more efficient in searching specific data. .
  • Delicious – embedded into the website to bookmark websites whether it is in the form of articles or books, allows them to add tags easily for easy access by students, researcher, staffs as well as general public.
  • Second life – As an extra, qut library might implement sceond life,  3d chat but they are still deciding whether it will be useful or vice versa.In my opinion, it can be useful as well for students who are using secondlife if all important people such as QUT staffs are online at the same time so that students can asked questions about a particular subjects but the problem is, there will be niched of student or staffs will make used of this services  as students dont have time to play and take time searhing for the person of whom we wanted to talk to. More discussion about this would be needed.
  • Facebook – Still on discussion whether it should be implemented or not.


SOme of the risks having offsite platforms: What if some of the platforms such as Twitter and Facebook suddenly closing down and all the information will be lost?? mmmm…. What if there are no user participation? There might be alot of risks will be out there that we couldn’t identify in the first place..So therefore the requirements and some of the factors of paradigm shift to web 2.0 should be addressed and well planned web 2.0 structures would be needed.  Librarians staff should gain more knowledged in Web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 implementation..

Therefore in the few weeks time, We will be developing business proposal that assesses QUT library web 2.0 requirements and propose implementation plan for web 2.o. The proposal is to emphasis the business goals, problems, issues and opportunities facing QUT linrary and suggest web 2.0 tools and concept and practices that meet those business needs  (i.e proposal should not solely focus on the tools themselves but to find an application for those tools within the business. In brief, to provide adoption of web 2.0 concept in strategic way.

To gain more useful information, you can read more about this on my friend’s blog, Nadisha…. Click here 

What makes aspect of Web 2.0 do you feel most passionate about?

26 Aug

Well there are lots of things i am so passionate to use Web 2.0 tools and techniques. Some of these are:

1. It makes our works easy to manage

2. Make new friends.

3. Increase our online community

4. Integration – most web 2.0 can be integrated into web based platform such as a blog so that we can organisaing them up from a single platform only

5. We can get feedback about something from unknown users. What i did last months was, i needed some feedback about should i but NDS game or ipod touch. the blog post actually got large number of feedback from those who have these games and comment on which of these two are more worth buying… Finally i got the answer… Most feedback said “if you are into gaming go for NDS but if your are more to organising stuffs, email, need applications and games go for Ipod touch…Now i have ipod touch… See how the feedback from people are crucial in making decision.

6. Getting more information and knowledge faster.

7. Efficient in transfering data such as photo or message from one user to another…

8. The most important things was it allows me to keep in touch with my family and friends.

9. Web 2.0 also allows works and personal overlapping each other through feedbacks about a particular blog post.

So how about you? Share you thought here..

Guide to Benefits of Companies using Blog?

25 Aug

Hey all i have found a link to marketing strategy: Benefits companies using Blog.. Lets we watch this slideshow together by Paul Chaney, Marketing Director of Bizzuka:

From this slideshow, i like the fact that a blog is a powerful web 2.0 tools especially when it says a blog is the search engine magnets. For instance if we have created a blog post “What is social Media”… Then we google the same topic, the google search engine should show our blog post in the list easily.. Isn’t that amazing.. a Blog can also be used to build a relationship marketing.. example between Companies, Consumer and vendor (or suppliers)…In this era of Blogging become prominent globally, it is assumed that every business should have a blog….Consumer will always be searching for the blog to have a conversation about the companies products whether its in the form of good feedbacks or complains.. One example I found a blog of one company named themselves as Alcoa recycling, this company is a recycling company which has joint venture with Novelis to procure of used aluminum beverage cans (UBCs)…These companies have formed a new independent company called Evermore . Benefits of Alcoa having a blog, it helps them to show all the informations need by the stakeholders such as consumer report, updated aluminium prices and do all business processes  as well as get some feedback from the vendor and consumers. This has compatible with the quote  saying “Market is conversation and Participation is Marketing”..

Kodak’s 1000 Words blog is an excellent example of a company blog that just nails the content.  Instead of focusing on Kodak’s cameras, 1000 Words instead focuses on photography.  This is the difference between using your blog to promote yourself, and to create content that your readers can find value in. 

Another company is Home Good OpenHouse’s. The company has open a blog to give their customers tips how to decorate their house and gardens.  The bloggers make a point to respond to almost every comment individually, and to refer to the commenter by their first name.  Also notice that the commenters also refer to the writer’s by their first name.  This might seem trivial, but that small personal touch is definitely resonating with Openhouse’s blog readers.

Another company blog that i reckon has an excellent sidebar is, believe it or not, Wal-Mart’s Checkout blog.  The Checkout blog includes one key element on its sidebar that most blogs total overlook:  pics of all its writers, and links to their bio.  In my point of views this is HUGELY important, but again most blogs, even most great ones, totally forget to add pics and bios for its writers.  The blog also has Flickr pics, a section explaining what the blog is about, categories, and a search box right at the top.